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Moulton was entitled to his opinion

To the editor:

The Black Lives Matter organization recently has become prominent in the media and in the streets. The organization was founded with the mission of fundamentally changing the way we live — what used to be called revolution. A few minutes spent on the internet will show an organization that sometimes engages in violent action. Videos of BLM-associated protesters in the streets of Portland and Seattle are evidence of an intent to intimidate society.

Recently, a man in North Adams, Robert Moulton, publicly expressed the opinion that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. What matters here is not Mr. Moulton’s opinion, which is all that it was, but that Robert Moulton was swiftly and publicly punished for expressing it. What astonished me was that The Eagle took the side of those who claimed that BLM was beyond criticism.

Consider that we are privileged to live in a country where we are allowed to speak our mind on any matter. It is one of the glories of our way of life. It is at the heart of the First Amendment. It is what Mr. Moulton was doing. And yet there was The Eagle sawing on the branch it is perched on. What possible good could come of that?

Jonas Dovydenas, Lenox


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