To the editor: My wife and I have seven children in our combined family and many grandkids.

Most live far away from Massachusetts but still cherish the experience of living in Stockbridge. From time to time, they visit us, and when they do, an outing to Bash Bish Falls is high on the to-do list. Most of them swim and have never hurt themselves.

Now, some bureaucrat in the state Department of Conservation and Recreation has taken away this freedom. ("State blocks swimming access at Bash Bish Falls in Mount Washington," Eagle, June 22.) I sent a copy of The Eagle's article to son Matt who lives in Minnesota. His response is what hundreds of people will share: “So only four total deaths of careless people since the park’s inception. Disgraceful this new world we live in. Too many people in the Northeast prompt too many 'fun hater' laws. Doubtful this type of action would happen out West.”

Ed Dartford, Stockbridge