To the editor: My name is Gordon Bailey. I want to share my ideas concerning important issues facing our town.

The issue foremost in people's minds is the PCB dump being proposed for our town. Please note that none of the three candidates for Select Board want this dump in our town. Just saying "no" is not going to sway General Electric or the Environmental Appeals Court judges from implementing the signed agreement. We need a plan in which the entire community will have a say. We can hope for the best and plan for the worst. However, hope is not a strategy.

I have read the Rest of River agreement and associated documents. I plan to immediately call an open public forum to hear from the town attorney and, hopefully, the Housatonic River Initiative and Rest of River counsels to address important legal issues, one of which is: What are the ramifications for the town should we withdraw from the agreement? This question was asked two years ago at a town meeting and received no intelligible answer. Not knowing how this could affect the town, I abstained from that vote.

I spent 12 years on the Select Board and saw the results of the law of unintended consequences. We need better answers. After hearing the potential legal consequences, we'll need a community vote to choose a path to follow. Any option going forward will impact our entire town for generations, as well as have a monetary component, and needs to be a communitywide decision. If Lee gets this poison jammed down our throats by the interests (and profit) of big business, we will also need a plan.

The first item to be addressed is how we can help our neighbors most impacted by implementation of the dump plan during the construction/transportation phase and after the dump is capped. We have many other issues coming before us in the near future: a potential community center; a need to upgrade our police, fire and ambulance facilities; and affordable housing. I have more than 35 years of experience working and volunteering for Lee in multiple areas of town government and have the proven ability to listen and move us forward effectively.

Feel free to contact me with concerns or ask me any questions at I would appreciate your consideration and vote on May 16.

Gordon Bailey, Lee