To the editor: There is a bill in the Massachusetts Statehouse relative to end of life options (H.2381S.1384).

This bill allows a person to make decisions on their passing. I didn’t pay any attention to the bill until my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, which metastasized to her brain. We tried to do everything right. We went over all the financial, legal and family matters together. My sister made it clear: She wanted to die with dignity. If you knew my sister, that was very important to her.

We entered the hospice program hoping she could pass at home. That did not work out. She was transferred to a hospital that had a hospice wing. Here’s where I’m going with this story. Now, she has deteriorated to a body in a bed. She is unconscious most of the time. She is constantly medicated. She is in a diaper that has to be changed often by an nurse’s aid. Her skin is breaking down and soon she will have bedsores.

This was not her definition of dying with dignity. I’m not writing this for her. She is caught in a system that doesn’t work. I’m writing this for us. We have to change this system so that we can make our own decisions on our final days. I hope you will contact your state senator and representative asking for their vote for this bill.

Sal Angelo, Lee