To the editor: Why is Pittsfield so obsessed with bike lanes on North Street?

I drove down North Street the other day and it was like navigating an obstacle course with all the pole markers. It also reduces parking.

There are plenty of places to ride bikes in Pittsfield; why does North Street have to be ground zero for it? Why can't bike riders just ride on the sidewalks? It's not like the sidewalks are so busy with walkers. They shouldn't be riding so fast up there anyway. It's dangerous with fast bikes and people trying to cross streets or get in their cars. We should want bikes riding slowly on the main street.

North Street needs all the help it can get to stay alive. I don't think a bike path is the answer. In my opinion, what would help would be to remove the center islands, use angle parking, plant some trees and get rid of the parking meters.

Eric Schanz, Pittsfield