To the editor: It is my opinion that the bike lanes installed on North Street are a nuisance and dangerous ("Petitioners call for Pittsfield to remove North Street bike lanes. City officials say they're still studying the project," Eagle, Jan. 18).

I live in Richmond, so I don’t drive Pittsfield streets enough to get used to them. They are an accident waiting to happen. You don’t really know what lane your car should be in when reaching an intersection to make a right turn. Bicycles approach on your right and you then have to cross their lane turning right. You are on the lookout for pedestrians coming across the street and can’t see a bicycle if it reaches your blind spot.

What a waste of funds if a bicyclist gets hit and seriously injured or killed.

If you are parked along the street with the bike lane on your left, you pull out looking for the cars coming from behind. Now you have to watch for both cars and bicycles as well.

Pedestrians and bicyclists have the right of way in crosswalks and crossing intersections. They think this applies even if crossing against a light rather than waiting for the walk sign. I have now lived up here for almost 12 years and I have yet to see a pedestrian or bicyclist being cited for what we seniors refer to as jaywalking. Not a police person around when you need them.

I guess the City Council plans to wait until a bicyclist gets killed before they will act in the safety for all citizens whether walking, driving or cycling.

Jeffery Sherman, Pittsfield