To the editor: Pittsfield Public Schools interim superintendent Joseph Curtis is reported as saying that district leaders have twice asked the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education about delaying the return to full in-person learning against a backdrop of increasing cases of COVID in the community (not to mention cases in the schools), and “the answer was no." ("Over 250 Pittsfield students bow out of full-time classroom learning," Eagle, April 2).

Yet, in a story directly above, Superintendent Beth Regulbuto of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District is said to have advised families via email that she will delay the return to in-person learning for a week from April 4 to April 12 due to a couple of new cases in the school and a general uptick in the community. ("Southern Berkshire schools to go all-remote due to COVID-19 cases," Eagle, April 2.)

I am left wondering why one district can make decisions at a local level that it believes in the best interest of the community, while another is instead beholden to a statewide directive.

Roger Goldin, Pittsfield