To the editor: As I listen to all of the discussions about the proposed Pittsfield trash plan, the first thought that enters my mind is: If it is not broken, why fix it?

If the proponents on the City Council think for one minute that this pay-as-you-go proposal will go as planned, they are so sadly mistaken. Those who don’t “buy into the plan” will be finding creative ways to dispose of their trash elsewhere. Don’t be surprised if unwanted trash shows up in front of your house when you wake up in the morning. Oh, and it will not be in an official bag, so good luck with that.

Dumpsters around the city will be sought out for a trash destination, but at the expense of those renting these dumpsters. Also, our parks will be trash destinations as well. So here is an idea: Let’s use some of the cannabis proceeds paid to our fair city to offset the overall trash expense budget line item. And while we are talking trash, what is going on with Covanta on Hubbard Avenue? The castle gates were locked just in time to prevent fall leaf drop offs.

George Diehl, Pittsfield