To the editor: At one time, Republicans and Democrats in Congress worked together to meet the needs of the people.

Those days are long gone. Because it will improve the president’s standing, Republicans in Congress refuse to support any legislation Democrats put forth, claiming they are too costly. (Expensive legislation didn’t seem to be an issue when Republicans voted for uncalled for tax cuts for the 1 percent and corporations.) This has allowed Fox talking heads to characterize Joe Biden as inept, causing his approval numbers to continue to drop. This is surprising. Almost everything Biden is pushing to pass is long overdue, will improve the lives of all Americans and is overwhelmingly popular.

Unlike his predecessor, President Biden is following the advice of medical experts that say that being vaccinated, boosted, wearing facemasks and separating in public are ways to defeat the virus. On the other side, many Republicans are telling people to ignore most of what the president says and do the opposite, leading to the unvaccinated saying they have the right to do as they choose without repercussions, other than putting the health of other people at risk. Instead of helping to beat back the virus, the Supreme Court foolishly affirmed that position by leaving it up to the States.

If Republican senators that care more about country than party would work with Democrats, the country can finally heal and move forward. Are they all so afraid of Trump that they are not willing to do what is right for people other than their donors? Very irresponsible and very sad.

Frank Gunsberg, Great Barrington