To the editor: On July 8, Amtrak initiates its long-awaited "Berkshire Flyer" between New York City and Pittsfield to stimulate ridership, ticket sales and economic activity in the Berkshires. ("Long-sought NYC-Pittsfield rail link will get its test this summer with Berkshire Flyer," Eagle, April 26.)

This two-year pilot train will only make nine weekend roundtrips this summer. However, the affected states and travel and passenger rail advocacy organizations should promote all of Amtrak's current trains and buses to the Berkshires. Then, rider numbers and rail expansion interest would increase regionally in both the east-west and north-south corridors.

First, for NYC-Pittsfield travel, promote Amtrak's other daily train option that, on Flyer days, gives riders not one but four weekend itineraries.

Second, for the Boston-Pittsfield-Chicago Corridor, promote the Lake Shore Limited in key markets as a way of conveniently accessing the Berkshires without a train change.

Third, for Vermont-New York-Pittsfield connection, promote Vermont's recent (July 2021) Amtrak Burlington-Albany Thruway Bus, reconfigured Rutland-NYC Ethan Allen Express Schedule (December 2021) and future (July 2022) Middlebury-Vergennes-Burlington Extension, with their first regular, interstate passenger service in 69 years.

Proper promotion should include press releases, schedule of all options (already developed by Vermont Rail Action Network), maps showing routes and low introductory Berkshire Flyer fares with information available online and in print formats.

Promoting all Amtrak options to the Berkshires, including the Berkshire Flyer, will increase ridership throughout the area and thus increase regional interest in expanding passenger rail regionally in both the east-west and north-south corridors.

Dan Peacock, Surry, N.H.

The writer is a member of Vermont Rail Action Network, the Rail Passengers Association and Trains in the Valley.