To the editor: I am writing on behalf of the candidacy of Garfield Reed, running for Select Board in Great Barrington.

Over many years, Garfield has consistently brought a perspective that is now crucially important and timely for our town to consider as it grows and changes. He is a champion for putting aside politics to offer educational opportunities for our young people who deserve to study in a long-postponed renovated high school. He advocates for students who want to get vocational training and the means to live and work in their home town.

He has asked us to consider the negative ramifications of locating large marijuana facilities in our residential neighborhoods — compromising the quality of life for a segment of our town — by supporting thoughtful zoning regulations, in alignment with surrounding towns. He has worked tirelessly for affordable housing, a crucial issue if we want our community to be diverse and welcoming to everyone. His is a voice for those neighbors who haven't felt included and empowered to affect decisions in our town.

Given the reckoning we face for our actions of exclusion and much worse, let's officially welcome a new voice into our town debates by electing Garfield to the Select Board.

Susan Lord, Great Barrington