To the editor: I am writing this in response to Carole Owens' column in the Jan. 12 Berkshire Eagle ("Carole Owens: The abortion battle and the war for control") expressing the advances women have made throughout many years.

Who would argue the value of equality in so many areas such as legal rights, economic rights, domestic rights, etc.? Of course, these all make sense. I am puzzled how aborting unborn children (half of them future women) can be equated to civil liberties. Once a child is conceived, it is an individual. The Supreme Court has it before them to rule on the Mississippi case which, if passed, protects the life of children 15 weeks after conception. At this point (and earlier), the child just has to be a bit bigger to survive.

There is such a fear that Roe v. Wade might be overturned. If that should happen, abortion decisions would return to the states. The latest technology proves without a doubt that a conceived child is a human being. There are thousands of pro-life groups in the country helping women of all ages and from all walks of life to give the gift of life to their children. There are so many infertile couples just waiting to adopt. Our nation's legacy includes the fact that since 1973 over 60 million children have had their lives snuffed out without seeing the light of day. Certainly, we can do better.

Pam Brennan, Dalton