To the editor: Monday was the 58th anniversary of president Kennedy's assassination.

I showed my students the Zapruder film and then we had a great discussion about that day and my memories of him and what he did for America. We learned about the Peace Corps and read the "Ask Not" speech. I even told them he was the reason we have gym class in school.

I was 14 then, and I remember it well. I told my class I was in detention hall that day after school and the proctor told us that president Kennedy was shot and had died at 1 p.m. We were let out of detention early that day. I also remember the many faces I saw crying as I walked home from school in silence.

I was sad, too. I had seen him one time as he rode past my school on his way to the airport in Cleveland. "Where have all the flowers gone?"

Tim Herene, Hinsdale