To the editor: So after the Republican Party followed Donald Trump's big lie about the 2020 elections being rife with illegal votes nationwide with zero proof and judges from every state that Trump and his minions claimed had widespread voter fraud was knocked down in every court, now they have red states changing voter laws because after all of the huge turnout to get rid of President Trump they realized that they were going to start losing a lot of elections.

The spineless Republicans who still support Trump know they can't win, so now they are making it so hard for the enormous amount people that turned out to vote to get rid of the wanna-be dictator.

What ever happened to the Republican Party that supported the USA and every citizen's right to vote? I guess the only votes they want to count are the ones that are in their favor. In the states that Trump was trying to nullify votes, there were Republicans that won down ballot. So just how ignorant is that?

Part of the new so-called voter rights bill that the Republicans passed in Georgia states that people standing in line for hours and hours can't receive food or water from an outside source. Any people that get caught supplying food or water can be arrested. Wow. How much more blatant can you get trying to block minority voting than that? Especially after the turnout of people of color that turned the tide to get rid of Trump and all his cult. They are my heroes. I am forever in their debt.

Jamie Larkin, Washington