To the editor: We own the farm in Becket where the cannabis plot will locate.

Our 90-acre farm has been in our family for almost 60 years. My husband Josh and I moved here in 1998 and began to bring the farm back by raising vegetables and opening a farm stand to serve the local community. We are now up in years and, due to age and health issues, the work of maintaining a farm is beyond our capabilities. Our goal is to continue to live out our retirement years here and preserve the farm rather than having to subdivide or sell it.

We are working with a small business, Tetra Hydra Agtek. This sounds like a giant corporation but in fact it is a small business owned by Brian Vincent (whom we have known for four years) and Mike Goodenough, a premier hemp farmer from Connecticut. We work closely with Brian and Mike and chose them for their considerable knowledge in creating a successful, small cannabis enterprise and their willingness to address any concerns Becket may have.

We are quite disheartened by the aggressive positioning against our plans for our own land and although we addressed their concerns, rumors persist. For example:

Residential: Our farm is nestled in a rural wooded area with few homes, many of which are second homes — nonvoting residences.

Odor: Required monitoring by a new technology has already been written into the community host agreement, signed by the town. 

View: Invisible inside our 90-acre farm other than a driveway.

Change: Becket is a right-to-farm town and has been so since 2006

Industrial: The quiet greenhouse and 1-acre field will occupy only 2 acres of a 5.6-acre plot.

Security: The 24-hour, on-site monitored security system will be connected to and approved by the Becket Police Department.

The benefits to the town include: 1. Local employment 2. Scheduled payments to Becket of as much as a sixth of the annual budget.

We understand people of the town may have questions or concerns. However, we find the hostility, despite public explanations, unnecessary and personally painful.

Adrienne Metcalf, Becket