To the editor: I found the articles about Kameron Spaulding ("Kameron Spaulding admits to stealing more than $20,000 from the nonprofit Christian Center") and Thomas Nadolny ("Former Otis school principal accused of fueling ‘toxic’ atmosphere retired with nearly $150,000 in payouts") in Tuesday's Eagle deeply disturbing.

Both were examples of men who, while in positions of power and authority, subsequently violated the public's trust.

Regarding Mr. Spaulding's theft from the Christian Center, people steal for a variety of reasons. Some are desperate and see the only way they can tend to basic needs, fund a vice or pay for an extravagant lifestyle is by stealing. For others, it may be a simple case of a narcissistic sense of entitlement and lack of respect for property that is not their own.

Regardless, while Mr. Spaulding did express remorse, that he doesn't have a reason (or if he does, he's not sharing that reason) as to why he stole almost $20,000 from the Christian Center makes me think this is a deep-rooted problem and probably not the first time he's stolen. It's just that this time he got caught.

Regarding former Farmington River Regional School District Superintendent/Principal Thomas Nadolny: That after being "accused of fueling a 'toxic' school atmosphere" (this following extensive evidence, it must be noted) he is being rewarded with a payout of almost $150,000 and will be exempt from "any legal action related to his 'official duties' while employed there" is shameful. Like Mr. Spaulding, who stole from some of Pittsfield's most "vulnerable residents," Mr. Nadolny failed to protect some of society's most vulnerable — in this case, the elementary schoolchildren of Otis and Sandisfield. Let us hope, that there will be no "lingering effects" at FRRSD (like those experienced at the Christian Center) from Mr. Nadolny's tenure as the leader of a "toxic" culture.

Thank you, Amanda Burke and Heather Bellow, for your excellent reporting and for shining a light on both of these men and their epic failures of leadership.

Melissa Bye, Sandisfield