To the editor: My wife Penny and I have been enjoying our daily visits with our 12-year-old grandson, Bradley, during this year of the plague, with the schedule for in-school and virtual school work changing almost daily.

On many days, Bradley arises at an incredible hour, bolts a breakfast and gets on the school bus to be at his desk at 7 a.m. He is then returned home at 11 a.m. to begin the Zoom portion of his school day. We have watched, with appreciation, his self-discipline in the discussion part of each lesson at home, even though both he and the teacher must deal with that tinny speaker. He even directs his grandparents out of his virtual classroom if our presence could be a distraction to the process.

We know he is not the only one struggling with this unnatural way to go to school, but his efforts and the efforts of all other children who struggle with the same learning difficulties should receive a sustained round of applause. They are struggling with learning impediments far more difficult than what their parents had to deal with and these young people are still just kids.

Please put these thoughts and the young people they represent with the other nominations for Unsung Hero recognition.

Timothy J. Sullivan Jr., Pittsfield