To the editor: The voters of North Adams have to take advantage of the great opportunity that has been given to them.

The decision by Jennifer Macksey to run for mayor will give you the most qualified and experience candidate to lead North Adams forward. I had the opportunity to work with Jen while employed by the city Highway Department for 30 years.

I first met Jen while she was working at the city landfill selling stickers and composting bins. Then she worked as director of finance/chief procurement officer for the city and then became the city tax collector/treasurer. Along with all this, she became the go-between for the employees and administration, which at the time was greatly needed.

She treated us all with dignity and respect. One instance which sticks out in my mind is when the federal law for drug testing was put into place. Jen had a meeting with us all and explained the law to us and told us all about the programs that the city was putting into place for us to use if the need arose. This skill in dealing with people is a great asset to have. All this experience makes Jennifer Macksey the best candidate for mayor — one who could step into the job and begin work immediately.

I also would like to take the time to thank the Macksey campaign for keeping this election civil and free from personal attack.

Edward Denault, Clarksburg

The writer is the former highway superintendent for the city of North Adams.