To the editor: In a recent article about the arrest of a Pittsfield man for possession of child pornography ("Pittsfield man arrested after Google tip," Eagle, Nov. 22), I am once again taken aback by the terminology used to describe these despicable acts.

One video is described as depicting “... a girl as young as 8 engaged in sexual acts ... .” A 6-year-old is referred to similarly. Make no mistake; these children are not engaged in anything remotely related to “sexual acts.” They are victims of violent sexual assault, the physical and emotional scars of which will remain with them for as long as they live. Calling it anything else risks the implication that they are somehow complicit in their own victimization.

Women have long suffered at the hands of our oft-misguided justice system when questioned about the roles they may have played in their own rapes, as if wearing a short skirt or behaving provocatively gives anyone the right to sexually assault another. Blame should be placed squarely where it belongs — with the person who ultimately commits the crime. It is no different with crimes against children.

Minors in pornography are all victims, regardless of their circumstances. And the adults who produce, distribute and consume child pornography are the lowest of criminals. The news media would do well to keep this in mind when reporting on these horrific crimes.

D. Erik Forsberg, North Adams