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Letter: Takeaways from the Durham report

To the editor: The release of the Durham report puts an end to six years of charges that Donald Trump and the Russians conspired to fix the 2016 election.

It was a political hit job concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign and brought up to speed by the FBI and the media. What bothers me is why anyone would believe that Vladimir Putin and the Russians would ever want to help the Republican party and Trump in the first place.

Putin's Russia today seems like a spinoff of the old Soviet Union. He's invading neighbors, controlling the press, arresting people for nothing, killing critics — good old stuff from when he was an officer in the KGB. If he is trying to put the Evil Empire back together, why, oh why, would he ever want to get cozy with the Republicans, their natural enemies in America for the last 70 years? The GOP is the Dulles brothers, Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Nixon, Kissinger and best of all Ronald Reagan. Reagan and his allies put an end to this blood-soaked experiment in the 1980s. Why would Putin want to help the American political party that cost him his career back in power? Joe Biden was vice president the last time (2014) Putin invaded Ukraine. Remember the consequences he suffered? Neither do I. Putin would not be rooting for a Republican.

It was crazy and it was false and it worked. The hoax was too late for Hillary, but it worked for Joe Biden. Goodbye, Orange Terror, and hello, inflation, Afghanistan bungle, shortages, nine-minute press conferences, $5 gas and $6 eggs.

The Durham report proves you can fool all of the people some of the time if the right players team up. There should be a national outrage about this. There won't be. Focus on George Santos' congressional antics instead. Everything is fine.

Tony Smith, Lenox

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