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Letter: Tanglewood, and all music venues, should revert to selling tickets the old-fashioned way

To the editor: The Eagle's editorial relating to the recent ticketing issues for the upcoming James Taylor concert at Tanglewood concludes with “But the realistic solutions that could really rein in the problem are going to lie with regulators and lawmakers."

I have to disagree.

Your opinion basically washes Tanglewood’s hands of the problem they created. By utilizing a ticketing agent/service, the folks at Tanglewood are saving money by basically relinquishing this task to others, rather than employing customer service personnel to handle it.

If those in charge of ticket sales at Tanglewood and other venues reverted to in-person and by-mail, sales rather than online and require that the ticket purchaser be present at the gate, the problem would virtually correct itself. If they need to offset the cost of having more customer service representatives, then add that cost to the ticket price.

The benefits of doing so are numerous. In general, ticket sales would be more limited to the surrounding geographic area, allowing more of the local population to attend, and it would increase local employment rather than having another organization reaping the benefits while excluding the locals.

Don't let the Boston Symphony Orchestra off the hook, as they bear responsibility on this one.

Dennis Croughwell, Dalton

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