To the editor: I would like to express my thanks to the voters of West Stockbridge. I am humbled and honored by their trust.

The last 45 days have been an enjoyable and enlightening experience. I’ve enjoyed meeting people where they are and listening to their stories, memories, hopes and dreams. The bottom line is that we are all neighbors and everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and treated with dignity and respect.

Ultimately, no one’s opinion should be taken for granted. That is the beauty of living in a small New England community. Everyone has an opportunity to engage directly in making the town work.

One of the things I focused on during the campaign was the idea that the ends don’t justify the means. We can’t set objectives as individuals and then short-circuit legitimate obstacles and opinions to achieve them. As the campaign went on, I realized that in a small town in Massachusetts, the means are really just as important as the ends. The journey is just as important as the destination to the ultimate health of the community.

I thank Eric Shimelonis for his time and service. I also thank Roger Kavanagh for his contributions during his time as a Select Board member. His resignation became effective May 9.

I am committed to being part of the solution, listening to and learning from folks in town, elected colleagues in town government and our town employees, and working toward the type of consensus that leads to good, effective governance, fairness and prosperity for all.

Andy Potter, West Stockbridge

The writer won election to the Select Board on Monday.