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Letter: The future of Christianity?

To the editor: Many former Christians have become disenchanted with traditional forms of Christianity and have ceased attending church.

In contrast, some “Christian” nationalists recommend amending the Constitution to formally establish America as a Christian nation even though some of their current practices seem to disregard central teachings of Jesus which highlight love, compassion, nonviolence and intolerance of authoritarian beliefs.

Dissatisfied with these options, increasing numbers of people are attracted to mystic teachings (e.g., Richard Rohr, Eckhart Tolle, Cynthia Bourgeault), which maintain that no religion, ideology or formal system of thought is a solution to the polarization of our culture. They acknowledge human finitude and fallibility and favor being open to the ultimate mystery of existence which goes beyond words.

As congregations share their thoughts on the major issues, they will not be alone for they will be engaging in the worldwide current fermentation within Christianity. They will be making their own contributions to what Christianity might look like in the future. As they do so, may they listen to one another with love and compassion.

Richard Markham, Adams

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