To the editor: Alas, we have lost the rabidly partisan, bombastic Rush Limbaugh who died last week. But fear not Berkshirites, we still have Thomas Gilardi. His Feb. 17 letter to the editor is certainly wildly partisan and bombastic.

After suffering four years of Donald Trump alienating us from the rest of the world and dividing this country, not to mention the cleavage he’s created within his own Republican Party, Gilardi has the chutzpah to call Joe Biden’s effort at unity a failure after less than a month in office. We Democrats, liberal or otherwise, are not out to disenfranchise 74 million Americans, as Gilardi suggests. He seems to forget, as so many on the hard right won’t accept, that 81,268,964 voters opted to place our future in the hands of someone other than Trump. And that doesn’t count another 2,899,343 people who voted for third-party candidates, not Trump.

This is not disenfranchisement. It is democracy. Actually, it was Republicans like Mr. Gilardi who tried to disenfranchise 81 million voters with the “big lie” that the election was stolen from Trump.

Charles I. Francis, Becket