To the editor: Donald Trump’s attempt to redefine courage is another example of how Trumpism dwells in fantasyland.

Trump calls his former Vice President Mike Pence a wimp and questions his courage. Pence hung in on Jan. 6, 2021, despite the threat of serious harm, and fulfilled his constitutional obligations to the country. We now know that the angry mob came within 40 feet of him.

Trump, on the other hand, pledged to accompany the mob he was lying to just before they assaulted the Capitol. Instead, he holed up in the safety of the White House watching TV for more than three hours doing nothing as other profiles in courage were on display: greatly outnumbered Capitol and local police holding their positions in order to protect congressional representatives and staff of both parties.

Meanwhile, those with the courage to seek and present the truth continue to receive threats to themselves and their families while Trump is guarded by Secret Service at taxpayer expense in Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere, repeating the lie that so many of his gullible legions believe as they persist with these cowardly threats upon decent Americans simply doing their jobs.

The violence and the threats could be diminished or ended, just as the Jan. 6 assault could have been stopped or avoided, if a certain sore loser would simply stop lying and have the courage to admit to the facts: that the 2020 election was fair and legitimate.

What kind of a person would let the divisiveness and the endangerment persist while having the power to stop it all with one truthful statement? The answer is: a person without courage who is raising money off the lies, decency be damned.

Jim Ciullo, Pittsfield