To the editor: The family of Martin Luther King Jr. has asked that there be no celebrations of MLK Day until federal voting rights have been secured.

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, I suggest that we all call our senators and representatives and ask them to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. These bills would make all Americans proud to know that voting rights for all is the law of the land. It is so important that voting is available and accessible to all citizens, with mail-in voting, early voting and by making Election Day a federal holiday. As Americans, we must finally make voting a right that all can exercise. Let’s live up to the ideal our nation was founded upon.

Another option is to call and/or text friends and family and encourage them to call their representatives. We need to make lots of noise and "good trouble," as John Lewis would say.

Our troops have fought and died in so many distant lands to try to win the vote in those countries. We need to have the same right to vote that we want for other countries. Let’s honor them as we honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jeanne Marklin, Williamstown