Trump isn’t a leader, and he’s not ‘pro-life’

To the editor:

In 2016, Henry Kissinger stated that Donald Trump is “the one true leader.” Trump is not a leader, he is just a bully with too much money of questionable acquisition. And Kissinger as a character witness? During the 1970s, it was not just hippies who considered him, Nixon and Spiro Agnew to be three of the least trustworthy people in America.

Trump is a misogynist, with a history of more numerous and more serious allegations of sexual harassment and misbehavior than those which have gotten numerous men sued and fired. He is also a racist who continuously jabs at society’s sore spots to worsen conflict.

What has Trump done to “make America great”? First, he pressured Congress to confirm his Cabinet nominees quickly, without adequate background checks. Then he fired the Attorney General and the FBI director for investigating him. Then, trying to make Congress fund the wall, he shut off the entire federal budget for months, blaming Congress for it, causing moderate inconvenience for American citizens and extreme economic hardship for federal employees.

He appointed a Postmaster General who is considered by many to be unqualified; and the current Attorney General is a spoiled brat who compares COVID restrictions to slavery — an unforgivable insult to slaves and their descendants.

More recently, his careless behavior has created a mini-epidemic in the White House, while trivializing the deaths of nearly a quarter-million Americans; and his rallies are much bigger than events that have gotten several people arrested for endangering public health.

Finally, about his claim to be pro-life: He is a disgrace to the movement. To be truly pro-life, you must also care what happens to babies after they are born, and Trump does not seem to care. He and many “pro-life” politicians have consistently cut or eliminated human service programs such as food stamps, WIC, fuel assistance, homeless shelters and health care assistance. And Trump and his border security minions have been directly responsible for the compromised health and deaths of many children and babies during their detainment and separation from their parents at the border.

And yes, I am appalled at the increasingly permissive abortion-related laws. But ultimately, it will be eliminating the reasons for abortions that will stop them. And like all other social ills, as long as the people on both sides continue to yell at each other, “You’re wrong!” “No, you’re wrong!” without looking together for an answer, they won’t find it.

Robert H.J. Wibby, Pittsfield