To the editor: I'm seriously trying to figure out which I want to see eradicated first, Trump or COVID.

I'm leaning toward Donald Trump, because we have a vaccine for COVID, but there is no cure for the vitriol and hate in this country that Trump and his minions spew every day in the name of their so-called patriotism. It's scary that more than 70 percent of Republicans still believe that the election was stolen. All of this is repeated daily by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on Fox. Also, you have Republican senators like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, John Kennedy and Marco Rubio along with representatives Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Taylor Greene all drinking the Kool-Aid of the Trump cult. In my opinion, this is nothing short of treason.

I am completely mystified with the Republicans that know that this will destroy our democracy and are complicit in this by not standing up and calling out Trump and all of his nonstop lying about who won the election. Do they really only care about being reelected no matter what Trump says and does to demolish our country? When will these so-called Republican patriots grow a spine and step up publicly to deny this wannabe dictator? Do they truly believe that this will be a better country with him in charge?

If they do think this, we are in for some very dark days. It will not be pretty. It will diminish the United States as the beacon of freedom and democracy in the eyes of our allies and the rest of the world who look to us as the beacon of freedom.

Jamie Larkin, Washington