To the editor: A few weeks ago, we received in our mailbox an utter piece of nonsense in postcard form.

It was titled "Go Wild in Richmond," and it contained the type of fear-mongering misinformation that is so typical today where fear tactics are used and amplified to hide the reality of the attempt by one group to misinform the larger public interest and deter the public good.

Richmond is a peaceful town whose citizens have advocated for years to create open spaces where the citizens of Richmond and others in Berkshire County can walk, relax and enjoy nature. The Richmond Land Trust and the Berkshire Natural Resources Council have recruited generous land donors and donated money to procure land for the public good. The citizens of Richmond themselves have donated their own money to support this effort.

One of the most beautiful pieces of public land in the Berkshires acquired over the years through this effort, the Hollow Fields parcel on Perry's Peak Road, has come under repeated and persistent attack by three couples who abut the 700-acre Hollow Fields parcel of public land. These three couples have repeatedly used their lawyers to challenge the use of the public land with a public trail head (administered by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council) and the public Perry's Peak Road managed by the town of Richmond.

We have hiked the Hollow Fields trails hundreds of times and never have we witnessed anyone misbehaving on the trails or in the parking lot. The three couples allege that during the pandemic too many badly behaved people showed up on the trails. They have already succeeded in limiting the hours of the parking lot to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

From our perspective, the choice is clear for Richmond voters. Do not be fooled by the fear-mongering in the postcard. Please endorse the effort of the Richmond Planning Board to support open spaces in Richmond and preserve the use of public land, protecting the rights of the people of Richmond and Berkshire County to hike one of the most beautiful and peaceful conservation lands in the Berkshires. Please vote yes on the Planning Board's by-right zoning amendment at the May 18 town meeting.

Susan Truta-Sabo and Alex N. Sabo, Richmond