To the editor:

The new Lenox Wireless bylaw allows cell towers to be built basically anywhere and doesn’t protect public safety. The bylaw allows 100-foot towers to be located 150 feet from residential homes and mini towers, up to 50 feet high, in all zones or in any building or utility pole, with no separation from homes or workers. Cell tower radiation should be located as far away from people as possible to ensure public safety. An independent study by the New Hampshire legislature found a 1640-foot separation between towers and homes is required to ensure safety. Tower radiation is a health hazard acknowledged by over 90 percent of all independent peer reviews. Cell towers are commercial and belong only in commercial or industrial zones.

The bylaw lacks public safety protections and needs to be amended to require cell carriers, at a minimum, to:

1. Limit cell towers to commercial or industrial zones.

2. Provide: safe separation from towers, health and property damage insurance, annual field strength verification, public health monitoring, and fire safety review.

Until the new bylaw protects the public voters at the Dec. 8, or any, town meeting should NOT approve it.

Phil Gilardi, Lenox