To the editor: It is my impression as a naturalized citizen from Europe (where I endured Hitler’s regime as a youngster) that only quite a few U.S.-born citizens really know the history and meaning of the much celebrated Thanksgiving day.

I also doubt whether the public at large realize the magnitude of the continuing lies spawned by Donald Trump and his significant allies and their potential impact to have on our lives in the near future if things continue as dangerously as it seems right now.

The impact on our historically renowned and treasured “democracy” is obviously and seriously at stake. In my own social circle, quite an increasing number are of deeply concerned with their various fantasies of moving to other countries such as Canada, for example. While they have had it with Trump and his spineless Republican party — they seem stymied and seemingly helpless as to how to combat the Trump-“pandemic,” for which no obvious vaccine seems to be at the ready — all one can hope for from the Democratic Party is to counter all the current, vile efforts to curtail voting rights and for them to insist on a judicial crackdown on the Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

How can those of us who are so aware of the potential danger just sit quietly by? It is uppermost in my mind these troubling days.

Leo Goldberger, Lenox