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We have paid for Trump long enough

To the editor:

He lies. He cheats at golf and with women. He alienates our allies. He breaks the COVID-19 protection rules. He will not listen and only hires people in agreement with him (and not necessarily qualified for the position). He charges the expenses of his entourage to his hotels and profits immensely thereby.

He never mingles among his base. He does not have state dinners. He has no real manners. And now we find that he paid no taxes for a decade and only $750 per year for the last two.

Breathing evenly is impossible when one estimates his personal use of the taxes that all ethical citizens of the United States pay each year. Air Force One alone costs $200,000 an hour to fly that man on his weekend trips to play golf at his resort in New Jersey. This does not include the helicopter that lifts him to and from Andrews Air Base. We dutifully pay for this while he has not paid into the system for years.

In the name of all that is decent, doesn’t this insult show him for what he is? He is a fraud and a cheat and come January he should have to call a cab to exit the White House grounds and pay his own fare.

Katey Winant, Williamstown


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