To the editor: The proposal for a 165-foot-high cell tower off of Oblong Road in Williamstown seems to violate the scenic beauty of the area off Woodcock Road. ("New application for a cellular phone tower in South Williamstown begins approval process," Eagle, March 20.)

According to their own proposal, Evolution Site Services shows a rendering of what the tower would look like from Woodcock Road. Their own rendering, labeled Location 11, shows a tower rising over the treeline and rivaling the the Mount Greylock range in the background.

What is scenery worth? Sometimes it's worth several millions of dollars to homeowners. It may mean income for many businesses and art venues. And what does it mean to the viewer who finds great uplift in such a scene? What harm could a simple tower do? What harm would a blotch on the Mona Lisa do? "The Village Beautiful" should look to its resources.

These plains have been proposed when the Town Offices are shut, and due to COVID meetings are virtual. Information for the public has been sketchy, at least.

There is an understandable need for more coverage, but I would like to suggest that more time be allowed for public comment and access to information.

Something valuable should not be thrown away carelessly.

Pamela B. Weatherbee, Williamstown