What am I to do?

To the editor: Fellow readers, I need your help.

I don’t know how to do this. Many of you still support Trump. When I get my taxes done or hire a contractor or buy something at a store, I find myself trying to guess who you are, but I can’t tell. You still support Trump after he incited a violent insurrection at the Capitol. Yes, he did — don’t try to deny it.

And I live side by side with you, you people who support the leader of a violent extremist movement. How am I supposed to do that? I could slide into contempt for you, adopt Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” line, pretend that you are so benighted by Fox News that you really aren’t fit to rule yourselves.

But that wouldn’t be honest, and it would undermine our democracy in a different way. Yet here you are, perhaps even my next-door neighbor, and what am I to do with you, a fellow traveler with domestic terrorists? Honestly, all I can think of is to pray — for you, for me and for my country — that all together we may return to peaceable solutions to our problems. Is that enough? Look: My hands are up, open and empty. Don’t shoot!

Kevin Thomas, North Adams