To the editor: We voted for a constitutional government; for a strong and viable military; for a vibrant economy; for the right to keep and bear arms; for the freedom to worship; for a national recognition of the founding of our nation on Biblical principles; for anyone to rise above their circumstances and become successful; for our children, grandchildren and greats to be able to choose their own path in life, including how and where their children are educated.

We voted for our borders to be open to everyone who enters under our laws and closed to those who would ignore our laws. We voted for the Electoral College to remain in place so that a few heavily populated liberal centers do not control the elections; for a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution rather then rewrite it; and to teach history with all of its warts, not erase it or revise it.

We voted for the sanctity of life from conception to birth and after. It is a sad commentary that all of the above are now in jeopardy, of being changed radically or eliminated by the stroke of a pen. We are faced now with a serious challenge to our liberties, which many have died to preserve. Our families' lives will be affected if our democracy is lost to socialism.

We look forward to vote in the midterm elections of 2022 to hopefully attain a bipartisan government again. God bless the United States. May my freedom of speech be honored.

Matthew Tomich, New Marlborough