To the editor: While I agree with recent letters by Katherine Montgomery and Corrine E. Mays lauding the option of cloth diapers, the Berkshire Community Diaper Project was initiated seven years ago to address the need for disposable diapers.

Many low-income families don't have washing machines, and cloth diapers cannot be washed in laundromats because the water isn't hot enough to sterilize them. Additionally, most day care providers require disposable diapers for young ones in their care. Lastly, utilizing cloth diapers requires the caregiver to be available to change the diaper quickly after it is soiled to avoid diaper rash and possible urinary tract infections. If the caregiver has more than one child to care for or is working from home, this just might not be feasible.

Cloth diapers absolutely have their place — I used them myself — but for many, many families, disposable diapers are a necessity, and I used those as well).

If you are having trouble affording diapers, or if you are able to support our neighbors by making a donation to provide diapers to low-income families, please go to the Berkshire Community Diaper Project website ( or Facebook page.

Daltrey Turner, Pittsfield

The writer is a board member of the Berkshire Community Diaper Project.