To the editor: Australian media man Rupert Murdoch is not about to kill a golden goose called Fox "News."

Fox announced it won't join the networks in airing the Jan. 6 hearings.

Were he to broadcast the committee's findings, his viewers might discover that their emperor not only has zero clothes, but also that he might well be a treasonous, crafty and anti-American con man — maybe just a guy purely out to save his legal skin while grifting those very same Fox fans.

Rupert knows if the folks who buy his advertisers' pillows and beers hear negative testimony, why, people may turn on their ex-president and turn off the Fox channel. Not a good business plan. And, they need only recycle the Hannity/Carlson anti-committee line as an excuse and thus keep alive their Mar-a-Lago-based ratings generator.

The cash continues to flow, the pretense that Fox is a "conservative news" channel is reinforced and Rupert whistles while he works.

With all these people (the hustlers formerly in and around the White House as well on the on-air "talent"), the formula here is straightforward: merely follow the money.

Bruce H. Alexander, Hinsdale