Why I resigned from the Monterey Select Board

To the editor: The Monterey Select Board now is a kakistocracy and merely puppets of Town Administrator Melissa Noe and her cult of bullies.

The Select Board does not run the town and never will. The Eagle’s May 7 editorial (“Our Opinion: Monterey paid for an investigative report; officials shouldn’t just sweep it under the rug”) had no clue what really happened inside the Select Board to get Monterey once again to the point of a “big nothing burger.” It didn’t mention Select Board member Justin Makuc. On May 3, Makuc joined the town administrator’s loyal sycophant, then-Select Board chairman Steven Weisz, and threw out the investigation, findings or any discipline or action.

My not attending certain Select Board meetings resulted in a powerful veto for Makuc: a 1-1 vote blocked any corruption or manipulation of the investigation. The investigation process was set by a 2-0 vote. Weisz and the town administrator had no power to change our 2-0 votes (with Weisz always refusing to vote or act). Weisz was always loyal to Noe, not the rest of the Select Board, which lacked a spine to protect any 2-0 votes. Numerous Select Board meetings (viewable on YouTube) were being run by mob rule to intimidate young Makuc.

Makuc realized Weisz was dishonest and manipulative, but repeatedly lacked courage to replace him. Makuc was being manipulated by intimidation by a handful of Noe’s allies. Noe keeping her position, regardless of misconduct or investigation results, all were irrelevant to them. Manipulation of the investigators, falsely labeling factual findings as biased and flipping investigation onto the town clerk all went unchallenged. The Monterey Google group and the Monterey News took every opportunity to spread false narratives, fake legal opinions and smear campaigns to protect Noe and her contract.

Makuc would never stand behind his prior actions or votes. He was always protecting his image and made many flip-flop votes based in fear for himself and retaliation against his family by the town administrator and the bullies. My presence at important Select Board meetings didn’t help Makuc find any courage to not cave to mob rule.

I resigned May 11, after election of another puppet and apologist for the town administrator to Weisz’s former seat. It is impossible to persuade people that ignore investigations, facts and reality. Now Makuc, who is afraid of Noe, is the Select Board chair. Dictatorship intact.

John F. Weingold, Monterey