With vaccine, ready to emerge from COVID times

To the editor: In the two weeks since my second COVID shot, a wondrous process, not unlike that by which a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, has begun to take place.

Like the caterpillar, which stuffs itself with leaves, growing plumper as it moves toward emerging as a butterfly, I, too, have, since my March enclosure in my cocoon, where I indulged myself with more and more food, become a plumper self. I self-protected with the shell of my home. I moved less. My daily habits changed as well. No longer were the pleasures of pre-COVID times available. There were no cultural visits to museums, shows or galleries. My trips were limited to a short walk or a car ride to a wave at friends from afar.

And now, I feel like I’m molting, emerging from my chrysalis, becoming the butterfly. I’ve emerged into a world where I feel safe making a doctor’s appointment, or visiting a museum or a neighbor who too has been blessed with the 95 percent safety of the second COVID injection. The world into which I’m emerging is not brighter than it was before. But it is once again available, if on an abbreviated basis. It is there to savor, to fly through, appreciating its wonders, loving its very ordinariness as well as its magic.

Lydia S. Rosner, Becket