To the editor: I write today about the continuing discussion about North Street and its new accessible bike lanes.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, our world does look different. With the changes in climate, how we work and how we conduct ourselves, our outlook and experience of our world is also changing. I like to think that we are more reflective about our world and caring for one another.

I know that it looks like no one uses the bike lanes on North Street. Here I ask for patience and urge others not to speak in absolutes. Rome wasn’t built in a day; the same goes for robust bicycle infrastructure. Now, there’s only North Street. However, when North is connected to East to Merrill to Crane to the Rail Trail? I’d leap at the chance to pedal from Carr Hardware all the way to Target.

With more destinations, comes more utility and more riders. Pittsfield is building it and they will come. It is true that we have miles and miles of Berkshire Country roads and park trails to utilize. True enough, we are lucky in Berkshire County to have lots of options for recreational cycling. However, these bike lanes are not solely for recreation. They are mostly for the safety of riders trying to get from point A to point B.

More people want to make a difference with our new world. Being able to safely bike is certainly one way that we can lead other communities. Thank you and if you see me and my toddler cruising down North street, please wave — she likes to ring her bike bell and say hi.

Will Bodine, Pittsfield