Lee should hold Eagle Mill developer to a better plan

To the editor:

I feel it’s time for Lee’s selectmen and Planning Board to do their job instead of always taking the easy way out.

First, they agreed to take a few dollars from General Electric for a PCB dump that will plague our area long after no one remembers where the money went. Now, they’re letting developer Jeffrey Cohen do whatever he wants at the Eagle Mill site after giving him both state and town money as well as tax breaks for a project that now will not benefit the town as once promised.

Now, after a new water line was installed that will not benefit our downtown but needed for Mr. Cohen’s promised hotel, we’re told sorry, no hotel that would bring people into town to dine and shop. Oh, and by the way, no Faneuil Hall-style marketplace now, which would have also brought a year-round farmers market into town along with other shops and eateries and the jobs that would go along with that.

After all these years, what do we get for our money? More medium- to high-end apartments and a “grand” parking lot. The town of Lee should get more for their money than this. Say no to Mr. Cohen. Get back on track and hold Mr. Cohen to his original promises so our town can grow in the right way.

David N. Gilmore, Lee