As the pandemic began to unfold last year, we saw a major increase in demand for many of the core products we offer, including disinfecting wipes, electrostatic sprayers, air purifiers and cleaning products. The team at Zogics responded to this surge with grace and good humor.

They immediately switched to working from home and under restrictions. They pulled together, often working deep into the night, to make sure our customers (many of whom are like family) were able to get the critical cleaning and disinfecting supplies they need, and still need, to keep their staff and facilities safe.

In order to help our staff adjust to this new work-from-home environment, we provided tools and equipment needed to make their home office comfortable and productive, from computers and printers to office chairs and surprise snacks to boost spirits.

Today, the majority of our staff is still working remotely, and we’ve hired new team members from around the country. I can’t say enough how amazing our team is and what fantastic work they do.

I also can’t convey how much I enjoy getting the opportunity to work with them every single day, even if much of it is over Zoom calls (including our daily whole-team Huddle) and Slack chats. I am proud to say that our group at Zogics is really something quite special. To me, it’s not a surprise that they consistently deliver exceptional service and value to our customers. And of course that, in turn, allows Zogics to continue growing.

The current pandemic state highlights the importance of being flexible, nimble, and able to reinvent on the fly because the business environment, the economy, the industries we serve, have changed and are continuing to change drastically in unprecedented ways.

By maintaining an open mind at the onset of the pandemic, we were better able to identify opportunities and pursue new businesses. Our September 2020 launch of Ardent Fitness, a supplier of fitness equipment for residential and commercial spaces, exemplifies our culture of taking calculated risks to grow. The brand developed from our strong ties with the fitness industry. Ardent Fitness joins the continually expanding Zogics family of brands including Zogics Pet and The Cleaning Station.

We recently launched an easy-to-use booking service that offers commercial cleaning and disinfecting services in 17 cities throughout the country, a natural extension of our product line and a request we receive often from the businesses we serve.

Our plans going forward: safely reopen our office and welcome people back in person, but still maintain a work-from-anywhere policy, giving our staff the flexibility that working remotely provides.

As a one-stop supplier of cleaning and disinfecting products that create healthier facilities, we don’t just talk about our products, we put them into action daily, and we will continue to do so. We support all staff with hand sanitizing stations, disinfectant wipes and more. These are readily available, and in use, to keep our team healthy and safe.

Paul LeBlanc is CEO of Zogics.