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Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 19-23

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 19-23

Brutal winter put chill on Berkshire real estate market (copy)

Dec. 19-23


David Johnson sold property at 200 Columbia St., Adams, to William H. and Lisa M. Allen, $66,750.

Brian Lagess, trustee of the Barbara A. Lagess NT, sold property at 152 Columbia St., Adams, to Lisa Mendel and Dawn Harrington, $42,900.


Hard Cash for Land LLC sold property at Gentian Hollow Road, Becket, to Timothy and Eva-Maria McCarthy, $18,000.

Bobbie-Ann Fachini Christopolis, formerly known as Bobbie-Anne Fachini, sold property at 307 Gentian Hollow Road, Becket, to Sato Knudsen and Leslie A. Wisdom, $210,000.

Juanita M. Karsmarski sold property at Long Bow Lane, Becket, to Thomas W. Rumbolt, trustee of the Niridium NT, $5,000.

Town of Becket sold property at King Richard Drive and Olde Carriage Road, Becket, to William and Jo-Ann Fiske, $3,500.


Gloria L. Lewis sold property at 425 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Matthew D. Bialas, $480,000.

Michela L. Bruchbacher, personal rep. of Alice Lorraine La Fountain, sold property at 40 Curran Road, Cheshire, to Ellies Holdings LLC, $195,000.


Scott A. and Tiffany L. Ingalls sold property at 36 Hayden Hill Road, Clarksburg, to Nollan Gageant, Jonathan A. Harford and Evan Francis Peter Gardzina, $242,000.

Thomas and Rui Kustra and Jean C. Bryce sold property at 1450 River Road, Clarksburg, to Matthew Kincaid, $210,600.


Ryan Andrew Frost sold property at 1041 South St., Dalton, to Branden M. Knysh and Krista Furlon, $250,000.


JM Millard LLC sold property at 42 Millard Road, Egremont, to Mark J. Canavan & Jody S. Canavan, $990,000.


Donald E. Saunders Jr. sold property at 26 Stryker Road, Florida, to Jacob Belanger and Roxanne Malloy-Belanger, $386,000.

Great Barrington

Richard M. Barberi & Georgia R. Barberi sold property at 139 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Mario De Ris & Laurie De Ris, $375,000.

Jeffrey M. Homeyer and Samantha A. Homeyer sold property at 20 Lake Ave., Great Barrington, to Matthew K. O'Grady & Maya Herscovici, $860,000.

Michel R. Gill & Jayne Atkinson-Gill sold property at 80 Taconic Ave., Unit 2, Oakwood Inn Condominiums, Great Barrington, to Jeffrey A. Diamond & Cheryl D. Ginis, $550,000.

Lenox Landings Barrington Brook Holdings LLC sold property at 15 Thrushwood Lane, Great Barrington, to Gary Katz & Leslye Katz, $963,511.08.

Estate of Pamela A. Bailey sold property at 207 South St., Great Barrington, to Samantha Homeyer, $360,000.


Paul J. and Lena M. DeSantis sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Jeffrey J. Pelinsky and Susan A. Cole, $230,000.


Sandra Serra Sipple, trustee of the Mary I. Serra Living Trust, sold property at 332 West Park St., Lee, to William B. Ingegni Jr., $315,000.

Cynthia Stone and Michael Carmon sold property at 235 Spring St., Lot 1B, Lee, to George H. Fleischner, $102,500.

Cynthia Stone and Michael Carmon sold property at 235 Spring St., Lot 1A, Lee, to George H. Fleischner and Kathleen T. Kelly-Curtin, $102,500.


Donna J. Kohlenberger sold property at 25 St Ann's Ave., Lenox, to David B. and Wendy C. Banas, $625,000.


Sondra Klein, trustee of Lawrence B. Klein Trust, sold property at 67 Fairview Road, Monterey, to John White, trustee of 67 Fairview Realty Trust, $1,582,500

New Ashford

Joan M. Wilkinson sold property at 73 Ingraham Road, New Ashford, to Kevin Folinus and Anna Weingart, $590,000.

North Adams

HLP Realty Holdings LLC sold property at 37 Bliss St., North Adams, to Amy K. and Courtney A. Shapiro-Van Dusen, $310,000.

John E. Fachini sold property at 189 West Shaft Road, North Adams, to Donald E. Saunders Jr., $170,000.

Carrie A. Brassard and Michael A. Brassard Sr. sold property at 44 Greene Ave., North Adams, to Alexandra Manno, $390,000.


Kenneth R. and Diane L. Bartow sold property at 1560 Monterey Road, Otis, to Joktan Torres Jr. and Mariana Rangel Panise, $275,000.

Catherine F. Waninger sold property at Old Blandford Road, Otis & Blanford, to Mountain Stream LLC, $35,000.


BankUnited NA and Michael P. and Darcy L. St. John sold property at 26-28 Wellington Ave., Pittsfield, to BankUnited NA, $115,540.34.

Marc Membrino sold property at 145 Sherwood Drive, Pittsfield, to Timothy E. and Cheryl A. Gajewski, $315,000.

Royal Realty Holdings LLC sold property at 29-31 Scammell Ave., Pittsfield, to Victor Manuel Cajamarca, $245,000.

Mary L. Hanson sold property at 307 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to Virginia Grace Belanger, $170,000.

Claudia J. Sala sold property at 287 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to Antonio F. Castagna, $190,000.

Christopher Robillard sold property at 107 West Union St., Pittsfield, to Niasia M. Johnson, $200,000.

TJLR Onota LLC sold property at 74-76 Maplewood Ave., Pittsfield, to Luis V. Soasti, $230,000.

Farley White South Street LLC sold property at 877 South St., Pittsfield, to 877 S St Pittsfield LLC, $3,000,000.

David J., Troy P. and Nicholas J. Lein, Sandra J. Albano, Donna M. Baker, Patricia A. Ralston, Catherine M. McCarron, and Cristine R. Croughwell sold property at 76 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Stella Asiedu Perdison, $217,000.

Steven M. McDermott, trustee of the Nina T. McDermott Trust, sold property at 165 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, to Nicolas T. and Kristina E. Shallies, $590,000.

Michelle J. O'Brien, personal rep. of the Estate of Marianne Creran, sold property at 775 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Valerie G. and Philip John Mugavero, $375,000.

John J. Powers, personal rep. of the Estate of Rita A. Martin and Irene C. Robinson; Anne S. Powers and Helen Y. Feil, devisees under the will of Rita A. Martin, sold property at 36 Abbott St., Pittsfield, to Deborah J. Powers, $215,000.

Lisa M. Conroy sold property at 161 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, to Sarah Pettit, $289,900.

Jessica Hayn sold property at 96 Pontoosuc Ave., Pittsfield, to Trinity Ventures LLC, $87,500.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 31 South Carolina Ave., Pittsfield, to Sean Houlihan, $220,000.

Ronald C. and Nora J. Babcock sold property at 941-943 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to John Diskin and Maureen Mozgala, $120,000.

Golden Bear Resources LP sold property at 75-77 Seymour St. and 5-7 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to LDH Property Management LLC, $215,000.

Tanya Edwards sold property at 87-89 John St., Pittsfield, to Brenda Romero Rodriguez, $95,000.

Alvin G. and Heidi Beal sold property at 180 Velma Ave., Pittsfield, to Doris E. Dusenbury, $311,000.

John S. Goebel sold property at 21 Robert St., Pittsfield, to Megan Pacheco, $273,400.

Ruth L. Pepoon, Sharon T. Sullivan and Jonathan F. and Alfred J. Tyska sold property at 145 Fort Hill Ave., Pittsfield, to Jonathan F. Tyska, $150,000.

Jugpal Singh sold property at 138 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield, to Alexandre L. Dias, $159,000.

Claire E. Schub sold property at 1600 North St., Pittsfield, to Glenn A. Buesing, $90,000.

Marymargaret C. Burke sold property at 105 Cromwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Havah D. Flores, $207,000.

Deborah A. Sorensen, trustee of the Patricia A. MacWhinnie 2014 RVT, sold property at 272 Dalton Division Road, Pittsfield, to Amanda Sorensen, $245,000.

KPJ Enterprises LLC sold property at 30 Daniels Ave., Unit 101, Pittsfield, to Gloria J. Saunders, $169,900.

Janet L. Quillen, personal rep. of the Estate of Petty P.F. Pitney, sold property at 213 Yokun Road, Pittsfield, to Black Dog Family Properties LLC, $311,000.


Pamela K. MacDonald sold property at 67 Pine Grove Drive, Richmond, to Benjamin C. and Jessica F. Evans, $855,000.


Dana E. and Martha E. Labbee sold property at Griffin Hill Road, Savoy, to Mitchell J. Bresett and Susan J. Bloom, $45,000.


Andrew F. West & Ann M. Brassard sold property at Silver Street, Sheffield, to Peter A. Schneyer Jr., $15,000.

Estate of Jaye C. Blume sold property at 199 Silver St., Sheffield, to Michael Blume & Rebecca Blume, $215,000


Tyringham Associates Co. Inc. sold property at Webster Road, Tyringham, to Webster Road Property LLC, $18,000.


David P. and Carol C. Weissbrod, trustees of the David P. Weissbrod RVT and the Carol C. Weissbrod RVT, sold property at 1866 Washington Mountain Road, Washington, to Dale Robert Mason and Mitzi Carter, $359,000.


Jose A. and Mary A. Rivera sold property at 55 Hall St., Williamstown, to Jason Daniel and Kathryn Ridley Murphy, $289,000.

Daniel V. and Susan L. Lynch sold property at 640 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, to The President and Trustees of Williams College, $536,750.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Jeannie Maschino can be reached at 413-496-6256 or jmaschino@berkshireeagle.com.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.

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