Bayliss Holdings LLC sold property at 5 Hoosac St., Adams, to Adams Spinning Partners LLC, $325,000.

John A. Socha and Barbara J. Lagowski sold property at 4 Edmunds St., Unit M302, Adams, to Nathaniel W. Karns and Donna E. Cesan, $239,900.

Debra Sommer sold property at 2 Sommer Hill Road, Adams, to Craig L. and Marnie A. Clough, $300,000.

Mary Louise and James A. Beaudin Sr. sold property at 22 Maple St., Adams, to Jason and Erica A. Wall, $305,000.


Margretta R. Seashore sold property at 779 Bancroft Road, Becket, to John Casey Zollinger, trustee of the John Casey Zollinger Living Trust, $335,000.


Mark W. and Jean M. Fortier sold property at Stafford Hill Road, Cheshire, to Thomas D. Cook, $30,000.


Fannie Mae sold property at 101 Washington Mountain Road, Dalton, to Marc LaRochelle, $47,500.

Paul F. Brennan, personal rep. of the Estate of James E. Sherman Jr., sold property at 78 Ashuelot St., Dalton, to Smegal Holdings LLC, $140,000.


H2 Holdings LLC sold property at 27 White’s Hill Road, Egremont, and 0 White’s Hill Road, Alford, to George O. Klemp and Lynne Sebastian, $375,000.

First Congregational Church of Egremont, a/k/a First Congregational Church of South Egremont, sold property at 34 Main St., Egremont, to Sather H. Duke, $185,000.

Delmore Kinney and Georgette Ashe-Kinney sold property at Millard Road, Egremont, to Andrew Freedberg and Leslie Roberts, $450,000.


Marie Jeanne Devanney sold property at 344 Mohawk Trail, Florida, to James Pedro, $200,000.

Great Barrington

Kevin R. Bose and Julie E. Ludvigsen sold property at 11 Wyantenuck St., Great Barrington, to Penelope Greene, $193,000.

Gillian Gorman and Scott Moraes sold property at 30 Elm Court, Great Barrington, to Gillian Gorman Rabin, $54,500.

James C. Santos sold property at 0 Lovers Lane, Great Barrington, to Rosinski Realty Inc., $90,000.


Valerie M. and Jason R. Haas Sr. sold property at 580 South Main St., Building 4, Unit 3, Lanesborough, to Emily Rios, $84,500.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 19 Bridge St., Lanesborough, to D. Peter, Doreen I. and Chelsea Vigue, $163,500.


Jason and Henry Gluck sold property at 215 Antelope Drive, Lee, to Andrew and Jaclyn Stein, $326,000.

Pamela K. and James A. Loring sold property at 135 Stockbridge Road, Lee, to Devonfield Carriage House LLC, $800,000.


Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 211 Main St., Lenox, to Kevin and Dana Corl Kasarda, $499,900.

North Adams

Walter H. Rogowski sold property at 396 East Main St., North Adams, to Thomas H. Dunn Jr., $75,000.

Jason M. Wall sold property at 69-71 Hall St., North Adams, to Luis Quizhpi, $30,000.

DSM Properties LLC sold property at 298-300 Beaver St., North Adams, to Paul G. and Rebecca C. Lymberis, $125,000.

DSM Properties LLC sold property at 23-27 Yale St., North Adams, to Paul G. and Rebecca C. Lymberis, $125,000.


Kenneth F. and Ilona R. Packie sold property at 721 West Center Road, Otis, to Martin P. Coghlan and Anne Catherine Nielsen, trustees of the Martin P. Coghlan RVT and the Anne Catherine Nielsen RVT, $347,000.

Michael F. Crowley sold property at 258 Giles Road, Otis, to Richard A. and Lisa J. Gelinas, $25,000.

Mary A. Ruscio and Barbara, James E., Paul S. and Edward D. Foley sold property at 105 Pease Road, Otis, to Edward F. Foley and Eileen M. O’Connor, $120,000.

Eric Bein and Kessica Doerr sold property at 69 Evergreen Drive, Otis, to Robert L. and Dawn D. Fenton, $725,000.


Shawn P. Godfrey sold property at 37 Orlando Ave., Pittsfield, to Alyssa Lee Boudreau, $176,500.

Todd J. Lampiasi sold property at 76 Quirico Drive, Pittsfield, to Eric D. Buck, $257,000.

Michael P. Kusek sold property at 18 Richardson St., Pittsfield, to Sonta Sadoway, $175,000.

Jean Lee O’Brien sold property at 21 Dillon St., Pittsfield, to Ryan Lamb, $176,000.

Nikunj Saluja sold property at 44-46 Cherry St., Pittsfield, to TCI Holdings LLC, $15,000.

ASR Holdings LLC sold property at 100 Dan Fox Drive, Pittsfield, to Mill Town Foundation Inc., $1,850,000.

Patrick A. Godfrey and William A. Godfrey III, trustees of the William A. Godfrey Jr. Revocable Trust, sold property at 87 Sampson Parkway, Pittsfield, to Wendy L. Marino, $255,001.

Paul A. and Megan J. Tesoniero sold property at 10 Dexter St., Pittsfield, to Simao Centeio and Katie Coffee, $213,500.

Alliance Properties LLC sold property at 34-37, 41, 43-45 Cherry St., 236 Columbus Ave., 2 Daniels Ave., and 89-93 Orchard St., Pittsfield, to Flex Investments LLC, $720,000.

Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Inc. sold property at 52 Gordon St., Pittsfield, to Derrick O’Keefe and Susan Barto, $187,500.

Joel J. Blackwell and Marki L. Blackwell, a/k/a Marki L. Roberts, sold property at 125 Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, to Tamarack Properties LLC, $310,000.

Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Inc. sold property at 54 Gordon St., Pittsfield, to Mieko Kopiec, $187,500.

Jerome J. Galvin sold property at 1097 North St., Pittsfield, to Taisuke Koriyama and Kim E. Scown, $214,900.

Kevin G. Thomson Sr. and Cynthia A. Thomson sold property at 22 Meadowview Drive, Pittsfield, to Judith K. Clegern, $142,500.

Austin M. Lamke sold property at 163 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Levi Lisi, $144,400.

William D. Kerwood sold property at 1836 East St., Pittsfield, to Gregory D. and Jennifer S. Kerwood, $165,000.

DETAR LLC sold property at 38 Sibley St., Pittsfield, to David C. and Laurie Crocker, $130,000.

Jay A. McDermott sold property at 287-291 and 293-295 First St., Pittsfield, to First Street Triplets LLC, $370,000.


Magna5 RTC LLC d/b/a Richmond Telephone Company, formerly known as X5 RTC LLC, sold property at 1416 State Road, Richmond, to DME Estate Holdings LLC, $350,000.


Kari M. Magg sold property at 16 Norfolk Road, Sandisfield, to Russell C. Swartz, $65,000.


Fannie Mae, a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association, sold property at 186 Cobble Lane, Sheffield, to Brian Sisco, $270,000.

West Stockbridge

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York and Lila W. Berle as co-personal representatives of the Estate of H. George Wilde, a/k/a Helm George Wilde; Balgen Machine Company Inc.; and Charlene F. Gennari as successor personal representative of the Estate of Arthur P. Gennari Sr. sold property at Route 102, State Road, West Stockbridge, to Hudson Ore Bed LLC, $200,000.

Richard B. Fentin and Beth C. Fentin sold property at 73 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, to Kevin M. Sargis, trustee of 409K Nominee Trust, $1,215,000.

Richard B. Fentin and Beth C. Fentin sold property at West Center Road, West Stockbridge, to Kevin M. Sargis, trustee of 409K Nominee Trust, $185,000.


Robert C. and Maureen Ford Miller sold property at Northwest Hill Road, Williamstown, to Luke D. and Maureen F. Burns, $2,000,000.

Alexander and Tami Smith sold property at 53 Charles St., Williamstown, to Warren and Karen Mohn, $239,000.

Alicia J. Greene, trustee of the Ruth L. Greene Revocable Trust, sold property at 135 South St, Unit 1, Williamstown, to Guy M. Hedreen and Elizabeth McGowan, $450,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989. She can be reached at