Thomas Drury Murphy sold property at 5-7 Richmond St., Adams, to Alex West and Diana Hope West Maxwell, $177,500.


Phyllis M. Kelly sold property at 192 Willow Cove Road, Cheshire, to John J. and Xiao Rong Kelly, $200,000.

Isaac Abishour and Matthew J. Hauck sold property at 100 Depot St., Cheshire, to R.A.D Investments LLC, $55,000.


Laurie E. Panariello, individually and as personal rep. of the estate of James M. Ahola, sold property at 51 Gravel Bank Road, Clarksburg, to Daniel A. and Patricia A. Denault, $32,500.

Scott A. Wood sold property at Carson Avenue, Clarksburg, to Robert C. Gordon Jr., $2,000.


Richard J. Stiles sold property at 33 Sunset Drive, Dalton, to Caramia L. and Anthony M. Karch, $65,000.

James Wheeler sold property at 153 Pleasant St., Dalton, to Sean E. Rice and Angela K. Colson, $297,000.

Torran M. Bagamary sold property at 174 Depot St., Dalton, to Mark and Virginia Messina, $75,000.


Thomas A. Race, trustee of Terra Ferma Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at Terra Ferma Drive, Lot 3, Egremont, to Cynthia Race, $72,250.

Great Barrington

Duong Nguyen, personal rep. of the estate of Thanh Nguyen, sold property at 14 Berkshire Circle, Great Barrington, to Tracy O. Crawford and Craig A. Crawford, $348,000.

Karen L. Youdelman and Robert A. Youdelman, trustees of Youdelman Lake Buel Road Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 18 Berkshire Circle, Great Barrington, to Louise N. Lieblich, $87,500.

David F. Troiano sold property at 1074 Main St., Great Barrington, to Gregory P. Paolini and Marianna M. Paolini, $342,000.

Donna I. Mooney, aka Donna Mooney, sold property at 24 Cottage St., Great Barrington, to 24 Cottage LLC, $354,000.


Sharon B. Carini sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Bradley S. and Carla S. Staeben, $370,000.

Thomas E. and Mary Beth Rocchio sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Christopher and Janice Medina, $312,500.


Gina M. McGovern, personal rep. of the estate of Paul Edward Barbeau, sold property at 65 Meadow Lane, Lanesborough, to Peter C. Zurrin, $50,000.

Joseph R. and Lisa A. Trybus sold property at 15 Billings Ave., Lanesborough, to John and Bette Trybus, $173,500.

Darren A. Green sold property at 440 Williamstown Road, Lanesborough, to Berkshire Property Ventures LLC, $85,000.


Joseph B. Hanley Jr. and Patricia M. Hanley, trustees of the Joseph B. Hanley Jr. RVT, sold property at 20 Parkview Terrace, Lee, to Gary T. and Audrey M. Leveille, $355,000.

Jeffrey E. Homburger, trustee of the Fox Run Trust, sold property at 121 Fox Run, Lee, to Andrew Carss Erickson and Alice Pozzi, $700,000.


Nora A. Powers sold property at 470 Walker St., Lenox, to Christopher A. Estella and Gabrielle K. Bromberg, $375,000.


Andrew W. Soborski and Cecylia B. Soborski, trustees of Kurys Nominee Trust, sold property at 0 Dowd Road, Charcoal Lane, Monterey, to Sheldon Hanau and Lynn Hanau, $345,000.

New Marlborough

New Marlborough Land Trust Inc. sold property at 346 New Marlborough-Southfield Road, New Marlborough, to Eliot Rennert and Jane Rennert, $50,000.

Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield and Piotr Calik sold property at 74 Mill River Great Barrington Road, New Marlborough, to Anthony Joseph Gallo III, $150,000.


Morgan Harrison, personal rep. of the estate of Patricia M. Harrison, sold property at 153 East Windsor Road, Peru, to James and William M. Muschett, $155,000.


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Freight House Realty LLC sold property at Dalton Avenue, Pittsfield, to Fairlane Drive LLC, $400,000.

Martha E. Tobin, personal rep. of the estate of Cheryl L. McMahon, sold property at 200 West Housatonic St., Unit 1, Pittsfield, to Annie McHugh and Susan M. Seyfried, $107,900.

Jack and Margaret Leiser sold property at 79 Alpine Trail, Unit 18-A, Pittsfield, to Richard B. and Stefanie R. Schinoff, trustees of the Richard B. and Stefanie R. Schinoff Living Trust Agreement, $549,000.

Godfrey Properties Inc. sold property at 20-22 Weller Ave., Pittsfield, to Arielle Woolis-Pink and Eposhe Paul Ithete, $190,000.

Kimberly Ton sold property at 266 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Nicholas C. Horton, $174,500.

Martin and Barbara Winters sold property at 36 Dan Ave., Pittsfield, to Judith D. Bellora, $283,000.

Brixmor Berkshire Crossing LLC sold property at 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, to FCPT Holdings LLC, $1,846,000.

Thomas S. O’Connell sold property at Churchill and Cascade Streets, Pittsfield, to David J. Lipinski, $324,742.41.

Lynn M. Ashburn sold property at 29 Churchill Crest, Pittsfield, to Yvette P. Sirker, $179,900.

Thomas E. and Elizabeth Ellis sold property at 1264 East St., Pittsfield, to Ronald and Megan A. Gomez, $155,000.

Robert Healey Jr. and Olga Healey sold property at 59 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Ethan Harrison and Ethan Tuck, $59,900.

Yu Soon Koh, aka Yu S. Koh, and Phaik Lee Tan sold property at 941 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Rhona B. Kaplan, $528,900.

Marie Dermody, trustee of the Dermody FT, sold property at 37 Kenwood St., Pittsfield, to Lexxus Van Ness, $176,160.

RC Investing LLC and Richard F. Blei sold property at 59-61 South Onota St., Pittsfield, to RC Investing LLC, $50,000.

Mid America Mortgage Inc. and Gail L. Smith sold property at 36 South Onota St., Pittsfield, to Harold Dupee, $45,000.


Colleen A. Catalano, trustee of the Arthur Catalano and Colleen A. Catalano RVT, sold property at 311 Swamp Road, Richmond, to Mary H. Hull and Mark S. Baranski, $445,000.

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, and Wendy L. La Fage sold property at 11 East Road, Richmond, to Ruby Realty LLC, $290,000.


Robert Bierwith sold property at 11 Stump Road, Sandisfield, to Philip F. Sortin and Beth Sortin, $540,000.


Robert V. Charron sold property at 98 Loop Road, Savoy, to Ralph K. and Irene T. Shone, $268,000.


Howard J. and Nancy L. L’Hote sold property at Lower Valley Road, Washington, to Noco Enterprises LLC, $225,000.

American Estate & Trust LC, FBO Scott Lively, sold property at Watson Road, Washington, to Keith H. Davis, trustee of the Keith H. Davis RVT, $75,000.

West Stockbridge

Linda A. Johnston and Michael Angelini sold property at 16 Great Barrington Road, West Stockbridge, to Champika Fernando and Robin E. Bankert, $350,000.


Mary S. Merselis, trustee of The Oliver NT, sold property at 128-130 Water St., Williamstown, to Climate Work LLC, $365,000.

Herbert Eldon Gregg sold property at 179 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Sharon D. and Juan M. Gonzales Jr., $502,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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