Geary Brothers Real Estate Inc. sold property at 56-58 & 60 Commercial St., Adams, to Shivarealty2 LLC, $383,500.

Cheryl A. Steuer, trustee of the Cheryl A. Steuer 2013 Revocable Trust, sold property at 39 Highland Ave., Adams, to Keith and Crystal Patella, $350,000.

Kelly F. Rice sold property at 12 Clifford Lane, Adams, to Claire Klammer, $100,000.

Kathleen J. and William G. Harrison Jr. sold property at 3 Hughes St., Adams, to Aron Callahan, $30,000.

Michael A. Deep, trustee of Deep Realty Trust XVI, sold property at 6 Lower Linden St., Adams, to FP Lend Fund I LLC, $120,000.


Linda Silvestri sold property at 184 Green River Road, Alford, to Rebecca B. Whitehill, $630,000.

Goldman Family Farm LLC sold property at 41 Green River Valley Road, Lot 1, Alford, to Ronnie Cohen and Lawrence Cohen, $290,000.


Amanda J. Dean, formerly known as Amanda J. Fraser, and Tracy A. Fraser sold property at 6 Bruce Lane, Becket, to James G. Chicoine, $150,500.

M&T Bank sold property at 329 Little John Drive, Becket, to Witold Decowski and Marzena Decowski, $76,451.

Courtney E. Sparks sold property at 99 Jacobs Hollow Road, Becket, to Matthew B. Krolikowski, $355,000.

Bruce A. Garlow sold property at 588 Leonhardt Road, Becket, to Daniel Morgan Cuff and Maki Mitsui-Cuff, $285,000.

Susan Dworkin, trustee of the Susan Dworkin 2014 RVT, sold property at 136 Sitting Bull Drive, Becket, to Richard Fisher Gomberg and Diana Fisher Gomberg, $425,000.

Caroline Summit sold property at 171 Mystic Isle Way, Becket, to Jeffrey L. A. and Susan A. Summit, $350,000.

Karyn and Mark Wyskiel sold property at 260 Alan A. Dale Drive, Becket, to TCI Holdings LLC, $50,000.

Harry and Beverly J. Truran sold property at 69 Greenbrook Road, Becket, to Robert T. Schuerer Jr. and Tamara C. Schuerer, $250,000.


William D. Adelt sold property at 80 Willow Cove Road, Cheshire, to Mindy Sue Walters, Samantha Rae and Artur Chernoguz, $350,000.

George H. Tremblay Jr. sold property at 37 Nobody’s Road, Cheshire, to Whitney’s Land Rental LLC, $500,000.

Catherine A. Nickum sold property at 951 North State Road, Cheshire, to Michael J. Bak and Nicole M. Bak, $170,000.


Richard and Eileen Schechter, trustees of the Amended and Restated Eileen Schechter Trust, sold property at 49 Cider Lane, Dalton, to Alan K. and Susan H. Geisler, $550,000.

Richard J. and Sharyl A. Tutela sold property at 8 Lindsay Drive, Dalton, to Dale and Jacqueline Connor, $338,000.


Michele J. Duryea sold property at 19 Baldwin Hill Road, Egremont, to Jerry Baral and Christine Baral, $300,000.


Christine Z. and William B. Criscuolo Jr. sold property at Stryker Road & Olsen Road, Florida, to Salvador Alcala and Haley M. Burdick, $32,500.

Great Barrington

Klas Sigfrid Bergman and Marga Bergman sold property at 89 Division St., Great Barrington, to Hosea Frank and Jody Brandt, $875,000.

David L. Mintz, trustee of David L. Mintz Revocable Trust of 2010, sold property at 235 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Richard Miller Littlehale and Bevin Littlehale, $875,000.

Daniel Bliss and Joanne Elizabeth Bates Bliss sold property at 116 West Ave., Longfellow House Condominium, Unit H, Great Barrington, to Deborah B. Reed, $249,000.

Dawn M. Scarbro and Dion M. Hall sold property at 30 Fairview Terrace, Lot 30, Great Barrington, to Adam Dale and Alexa Perlman, $274,900.

William T. Whittaker Jr. a/k/a William T. Whittaker III and Ellen I. Whittaker sold property at 11 Muddy Brook Circle, Great Barrington, to Barry Weitzner and Grace Pompilio-Weitzner, $650,000.

Ponyx Properties LLC sold property at 298 Park St., Great Barrington, to Alexander V. Bondarenko and William J. Eleftheriou, $499,000.

Lenox Landings Barrington Brook Holdings LLC sold property at 7 Thrushwood Lane, Great Barrington, to David J. Liu and Janette H. Lieu, $799,000.


Martin J. Hanson sold property at 213 Main St., Hancock, to Zachary M. Hanson, $250,000.

Stuart M. Fischman sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Lori Winter, trustee under Revocable Agreement of Trust of Lori Winter, $465,000.


Keith L. Moquin sold property at 128 Ashmere Road, Hinsdale, to Peter M. and Hui-Mei L. Frost, $340,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 891 Washington Road, Hinsdale, to HMA Properties LLC, $129,900.

Doreen M. Jewell, personal rep. of the Estate of Ronald W. Bannick, sold property at Route 143, Hinsdale, to Nicholas and Caitlyn V. Kline, $38,500.


Danuta S. and Earle O. Brown III sold property at Brodie Mountain Road, Lanesborough, to Christian Halley, $65,000.

Adam C. Wood sold property at 14 Balance Rock Road, Lanesborough, to Lydia J. Cote, $200,000.


Moose Drive LLC sold property at 110 Moose Drive, Lee, to Andrew and Jacqueline Schwartz, $79,000.

David C. Forrest sold property at 690 Greylock St., Lee, to Ray C. Williams, $430,000.

David J. Gafney sold property at 169 High St., Lee, to Mary Barbato, $212,223.

William R. and Faith S. Neil sold property at 36 Rose Ave., Lee, to Sergio M. Fortes and Heather J. Earle, $202,500.

Matthew Stoltz, trustee of the Stoltz Family Nominee RT, sold property at 560 Mallard Lane, Lee, to Peter Chia-Gee Chien and Alicia R. Welch, $910,000.


Paul and Laurie Vilord sold property at 3 Cedar Lane, Lenox, to Claudine M. Ellyin and Mirko Palla, $535,000.

Theodore S. Silverman and Kelly P. Brown sold property at 520 East St., Lenox, to Ilan J. Dahan and Nancy B. Reiner-Dahan, $669,000.

Charles W. Danis Jr. and Cheryl A. Danis sold property at 3 Gleneagle Drive, Lenox, to Alan I. Annex and Deborah E. Annex, trustees of the Annex Family RVT, $745,000.


5’s Enuf LLC sold property at 9 Heron Pond Park Road, Monterey, to Daniel A. Leyden and Dina M. Leyden, $1,900,000.

Friderika Goldenstein Reif Small sold property at 7 Buckingham Lane, Monterey, to Jessica Reif-Caplan and Benjamin Reif-Caplan, $525,000.

James A. Salerno, trustee of Valerie Salerno Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 8 Dowd Road, Monterey, to Ryan Safady and Judith Safady, $448,000.

New Marlborough

Robert W. Wuori a/k/a Robert Wuori sold property at 227 & 0 East Hill Road, New Marlborough, to La Eye Realty Company LLC, and Gregory J. Tranah and Shana M. Katzman, trustees of Tranah and Katzman 2011 Family Trust, $485,000.

Robin Schultz Gerber sold property at 1391 Mill River-Great Barrington Road, New Marlborough, to Robert A. Weisstuch and Faith R. Glazier, $1,295,000.

North Adams

Scott A. Sherman sold property at 49 Charlene St., North Adams, to Joseph C. Solomon, $154,900.

Gabriel A. Columna sold property at 3 Francis St., North Adams, to Anthony D. Demaio and Diana C. Acosta, $64,500.


Bret Calder and Diane D. Calder, trustees of the Pond View RET, sold property at 82 Pond Boulevard, Otis, to Keith B. and Alison Bucalo, $223,000.

Christopher Chaffee sold property at 17 Old Blandford Road, Otis, to Donald Chaffee III, $150,000.

Jason G. Ogrodnik, personal rep. of the Estate of Robert W. Ogrodnik, sold property at 355 East Otis Road, Otis, to Joseph D. Daley, $5,000.

Lorraine L. Sandor sold property at 359 Harrington Road, Otis, to Roger S. Lao and Jennifer L. Shaer, $690,000.


Ian A. and Kimberly C. Peck sold property at 518 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to David M. Goldberg, $481,200.

Louise S. Colbourne, formerly known as Louise S. Norton, sold property at rear Caroline Street, Pittsfield, to James B. Conant, Kathleen T. Keegan, Daniel J. Conant, Matthew E. Conant, and Thomas J. Conant, $30,000.

Dennis J. Ross and Kevin M. Ross, co-personal reps. of the estate of Margaret A. Ross, sold property at 11 View St., Pittsfield, to Michele A. Yuknis, $135,000.

Alexandra Neary sold property at 441 West St., Pittsfield, to John Hickam, $300,000.

Karen Palma-Halliday and Sherman E. Bastow, co-personal reps. of the estate of Patricia A. Grabicki, sold property at 19 Skyview Drive, Pittsfield, to Gary and Kimberly A. Baker, $180,500.

Elizabeth J. Gillette sold property at Alford Street, Pittsfield, to Douglas A. and Mallory E. Zahn, $3,000.

David O’Brien and William O’Brien sold property at 11 Rhode Island Ave., Pittsfield, to Mathieu H. Blackstone and McKayla A. Lewis, $188,500.

The Northeast Baptist Conference sold property at 195 Cloverdale St., Pittsfield, to Cloverdale Properties LLC, $2,085,000.

Peter L. and Francine C. Williams sold property at 477 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Philip Williams, $250,000.

Dale P. and Jacqueline A. Connor sold property at 198 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert T. Steinman and Kimberly L. Bentz, $229,000.

City of Pittsfield sold property at 56-58 and 62-64 Orchard St., Pittsfield, to First on 2nd LLC, $21,400.

Ali Union Block LLC sold property at 306 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, to Lucy’s Coop LLC, $140,000.

Magnova Realty Company Inc., formerly known as M.D.I. Realty Inc., sold property at 17 Downing Three, Unit 2C, Pittsfield, to Straight Talk Investments LLC, $330,000.

Brian W. and Robyn M. Staubach sold property at 17 Filomena Drive, Pittsfield, to Kathy E. Kimpel, $480,000.

IBT Investments LLC sold property at 106 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Leonardo Lima Mariano-Dasilva, $190,000.

Mark L. and Terry V. Chylinski sold property at 100 Clydesdale Drive, Pittsfield, to Brent R. Chylinski, $302,000.


Spectrum Northeast LLC, formerly known as Time Warner Cable Northeast LLC, sold property off of View Drive, Richmond, to Berkshire Natural Resources Council Inc., $7,500.

Kenneth D. Cowan, trustee of the Cowan Family NT, sold property at 552 East Road, Richmond, to Melissa Miller, $550,000.

Charles A. and Martha A. Fezzie sold property at 280 Osceola Notch Road, Richmond, to Rebecca Lord, $530,000.


James Stanganelli and Kerri Stanganelli sold property at 168 North Beech Plain Road, Sandisfield, to Steven Edward Zieger and Jeanne Elizabeth Zieger, $245,000.


Nathan Sedgwick sold property at 89 Griffin Hill Road, Savoy, to Lauren M. Hartman and Noah Suarez, $137,000.

Anthony M. Karch sold property at 4 River Road, Savoy, to Casey Thomas Pease, $140,000.


Beth E. Carlson and Dennis F. Irvine sold property at 358 South Main St., Sheffield, to Susan Roeder and Donald R. Roeder, $139,000.

Ruby Realty LLC sold property at 376 Polikoff Road, Sheffield, to George A. Caul, $150,000.


Michael J. Vincent and Donald R. Vincent sold property at 5 Glendale Middle Road, Stockbridge, to David W. Vincent Jr. and Kathleen Vincent, $90,000.

David J. Alpert sold property at 1 Indian Road, Stockbridge, to Benjamin T. Weiss and Wendy Soref, $80,500.

Bradley T.P. and Lisa Danyluk sold property at 12 Prospect Hill, Stockbridge, to Barry Hoffman and Jane Weiss, $1,875,000.

Anna Rhodes sold property at 7 Park St., Stockbridge, to Ann O’Daly, $214,000.

Lynn Ehrlich sold property at 14 South St., Stockbridge, to Samuel A. and Rachel R. Childers, $439,000.

Charles R. Gillett, trustee of the Michelle C. Gillett 1997 RVT, sold property at 5 Church St., Stockbridge, to Matthew Samuel Chester and Catherine Shearn Chester, $475,000.

Erica L. Schlueter, trustee of the Charles E. Schlueter 2012 Irrevocable Investment Trust, sold property at 10 Housatonic Road, Stockbridge, to Caitlin Conn and Glenn R. Picco, $350,000.

West Stockbridge

Cassandra Redel sold property at 9 Iron Mine Road, Lot B, West Stockbridge, to Michael Madison and Marcia Bernstein, $469,000.


Bruce A. MacDonald sold property at 883 Hancock Road, Williamstown, to Tyran K. and Tamanika T. Steward, $555,000.

James H. Moffett sold property at 25 Frenier Ave., Williamstown, to Karlis and Judith M. Ozolins, $280,000.

Toby A. Mason and Darcy M. Westall, trustees of the Ralph C. Mason Jr. Revocable Disclaimer Trust, sold property at Northwest Hill Road, Williamstown, to Purple Village LLC, $1,200,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989. She can be reached at