Dec. 26-30


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation sold property at 70½ Lime St., Adams, to Jennifer M. McDonald, $160,000.

Dan F. Carpenter sold property at 78 Lime St., Adams, to Jake Louis Crowley, $112,500.

Donna M. Sadlowski, Jolene G. and Bryant D. Wood sold property at 2 Wilfred Ave., Adams, to Doris C. McShine, $280,000.

Mary H. Gaule sold property at 99 East Hoosac St., Adams, to Liam Brady and Cassidy Kiernan, $193,000.


Sandy Realty Corp. sold property at Pill Drive, Becket, to 219WMR LLC, $25,000.

Martha A. McFarlin, trustee of the Martha A. McFarlin FT, sold property at 229 Hamilton Road, Becket, to Cary J. Fleisher and Afaese L. Senio, $325,000.


Mark E. Langenback, personal rep. of Frank Wilfred Langenback, sold property at 871 Windsor Road, Cheshire, to Kevin Kordana, $65,000.

Lynn C. Krayewsky sold property at 43 Dean St., Cheshire, to Richard T. and Carol A. Francesconi, $75,000.


Antonio and Margaret Pagliarulo sold property at 90 Depot St., Unit 90, Dalton, to Thomas A. Pagliarulo and Elizabeth M. Arias, $180,000.

Great Barrington

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 75 Alford Road, Great Barrington, to LND Investments LLC, $262,500.

Thomas F. Keefner and the Estate of Patricia M. Keefner sold property at 83 Monument Valley Road, Great Barrington, to Cory Figman, $501,000.

Zbigniew Aszyjczyk sold property at 30 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Simon Fleming-Wood, $755,000.


Kimberly A. Wendling, formerly known as Kimberly Brennan, sold property at Watson Road, Hinsdale, to Steven Robert and Rachel Holder Fleischmann, $6,926.31.


Cheryl L. Middlebrook, personal rep. of Mary Louise Goddeau, sold property at 138 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Brian D. Laplante, $340,000.


Milangord Corp. sold property at 90 Richmond Ave., Lee, to Andrew and Mary Naventi, $260,000.


Reid and Laird White sold property at 89 Cliffwood St., Lenox, to Tyler S. Whisnand and Alison Diamond-Whisnand, $3,750,000.


Seven Arts Properties LLC and Seven Arts Management LLC sold property at Pixley Road, Lake Buel, Monterey, to Michael Daviau and Jamie Dann, $95,000.

North Adams

Union Jack Development LLC sold property at Arnold Place, Unit 49 A, North Adams, to Melissa House and Antonio Hernandez, $144,000.

Adams Community Bank sold property at 1608 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Guy R. Cariddi, $15,000.

Amy Shapiro, trustee of A&S Realty Trust, sold property at Canal Street, North Adams, to Groundart LLC, $1,505.

Warren and Dorothy Weil sold property at 253 Walker St., North Adams, to Paul McLatchy III, $211,000.

Richard D. and Emilie A. Weber sold property at 100 Hospital Ave., North Adams, to Chickadee Properties LLC, $300,000.


David M. and Gail F. Roberts sold property at 575 East Otis Road, Otis, to Mark J. Decelle and Heather A. Gray, $355,000.


Town of Peru sold property at 9 Hillside Road, Peru, to Anna M. Osborn, $3,500.

Town of Peru sold property at Andes Road, Peru, to Derek Strzepa, $22,500.

Town of Peru sold property at 4 Hilltop Drive, Peru, to Carroll D. Oates, $6,500.

Town of Peru sold property at Kreutzer Road, Peru, to Joseph Aleshevich, $21,000.

Town of Peru sold property at Strong Road, Peru, to Connor Pularo, $16,000.


PennyMac Loan Services LLC and Anthony J. Townsgate sold property at 15 Buel St., Pittsfield, to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, $163,898.

Patricia A. George sold property at 19 Sherwood Drive, Pittsfield, to Lindsay Petkus, $365,000.

Doris J. Lamica sold property at 45 Kensington Ave., Pittsfield, to Vanessa Y. Borges, $200,000.

Christopher J. and Erin Sullivan Pedersen sold property at 9 Hope St., Pittsfield, to Joseph Pasquarelli, $355,000.

Patricia Ann Viscuso, personal rep. of the Estate of Crescenza Rose Viscuso, sold property at 32 Rose Terrace, Pittsfield, to Gabriel and Laura Scott, $270,000.

Peter B. and Dawn M. Taylor sold property at 72 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Angelia M. Elser, $230,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 17-23 Danforth Ave., Pittsfield, to 169-189 North St. Pittsfield MA LLC, $303,500.

LND Investments LLC sold property at 36 Division St., Pittsfield, to 169-189 North St. Pittsfield MA LLC, $151,750.

Marguerite J. Hibbard sold property at 96 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Angela Brett-Lucaroni, $136,000.

Richard Lampron sold property at 139-141 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield, to 160-189 North St. Pittsfield MA LLC, $151,750.

Jennifer Blanchard sold property at 98-100 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, to Allen J. Cooper Sr. and Amanda L. Restel, $59,000.

David W. Tauer sold property at 640 Peck’s Road, Pittsfield, to Diane Lim, $188,000.

Timothy E. and Brian D. Kelly, personal reps. of the Estate of Geraldine M. Kelly, sold property at 188-190 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Jose J. DosSantos, $208,000.

Ramesh Gangisetty sold property at 47 Meadow Ridge Drive, Pittsfield, to Prasad Harsha Gunasekera and Shyama Dilani Wickramaaratchi, $690,000.

Thomas J. Donohue Jr. and Mary Giulian Donohue, formerly known as Mary L. Giulian, sold property at 526-528 Fenn St., Pittsfield, to Rudy A. Fabian LLC, $125,000.

Louis A. and Joy C. Costi sold property at 130 South St., Pittsfield, to JJ South Streat Realty LLC, $115,000.

Alfred G. and Amy R. Gelinas, trustees of the Alfred & Amy Gelinas Living Trust, sold property at 65-67 Boylston St., Pittsfield, to Ligia Veronica Perez Berona, $244,900.

David and Jennifer Depaoli sold property at 17 Donovan St., Pittsfield, to Emmanuel Moore, $370,000.

Melyissa M. Maloy sold property at 247 Peck’s Road. Pittsfield, to Realize Group Inc., $50,000.


Stockbridge Institute of America Crafts LLC sold property at 9 South St., Stockbridge, to Alison Brunner and Richard King, $775,000.

Lee G. Bolman and Joan V. Gallos sold property at 6 Wheatley Drive, Stockbridge, to Adam Plumer, $933,000.

Stephen W. Fiengold sold property at 4 Lee Road, Stockbridge, to Patricia D. Alles and Kathleen N. Dolan, $550,000.


Williamstown Realty LLC sold property at 361 Main St., Williamstown, to BAPA 361 Main St. RE LLC, $1,225,000.

194 Water LLC sold property at 194 Water St., Williamstown, to Cable Mills Investors LLC, $430,000.

180 Water LLC sold property at 10-12 River Run, Unit 12, Williamstown, to River Run Renard LLC, $1,005,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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