Steven M. Soberman and Suzanne B. Phillip sold property at Pickerel Close, Becket, to Michael Novak, trustee of the NVK Land Trust, $4,500.

Jose R. and Sheryl M. Torres sold property at Greenwood Court, Becket, to Thaddeus T. and Marjorie J. Kur, $150,000.

Crystal Pond Homeowners Association Inc. sold property at Big Bass Lane, Becket, to Christopher and Roberta Ratte, $7,500.

Donald L. and Charleene E. Murray sold property at 706 Main St., Becket, to Christopher and Roberta Ratte, $425,000.


Paul J. and Barbara A. Dupuis sold property at Audrey Drive, Dalton, to Joshua C. and Lori Ann Lussier, $4,795.

Krishna Gifford, trustee of the Centennial Avenue NT, sold property at 18 Centennial Ave., Dalton, to Lisa Thornber, $162,000.

Alliance Properties LLC sold property at 11 Eleanor Road, Dalton, to Abigail Quinn Harty, $295,000.


Alex M. Jiron sold property at 6 Oxbow Road, Egremont, to Gordon S. Plotkin and Jennifer B. Plotkin, $920,000.


Duilio Realty LLC sold property at 229 Mohawk Trail and Route 2, Florida, to Chapter Three Enterprise LLC, $461,100.

Town of Florida sold property at Tilda Hill Road, Florida, to Darin R. Lane and John Drummond, $10,000.

Town of Florida sold property at Stryker Road, Florida, to Sarah E. Lesch, $1,100.

Great Barrington

Barbara L. Watkins and Robert L. Watkins Jr. sold property at 7 Butternut Lane, Great Barrington, to Christopher A. Meyer and Donna Meyer, $902,000.

William T. Condry Jr. as trustee of Condry Realty Trust, sold property at 9 Railroad St., Great Barrington, to C&G Smart Move LLC, $850,000.

Lucinda Weiss and Robert A. Weiss as trustees of Weiss Family Revocable Trust, sold property at 360 Park St., Great Barrington, to Erica Lynn Mielke, $206,000.

Jimmy J. Brown Jr. and Melissa A. Brown sold property at 10 Berkshire Heights Road, Great Barrington, to Oliver Klein LLC, $535,000.


Randall Hatch sold property at 139 Birch Grove Road, Hancock, to Lynn A. Mora, $157,000.

Robert David Bewkes and Eugene Garrett Bewkes III sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Vincent P. Guntlow IRA, $79,500.


Origen Lee LLC sold property at 200 Laurel St., Lee, to 200 Laurel LLC, $528,000.

Karen R. Shaffer, individually and as trustee of the Karen R. Shaffer Living Trust Agreement, sold property at 339 Woodland Road, Lee, to General Electric Company, $850,000.


Robert A. and Lucina Weiss, trustees of Weiss Family RVT, sold property at 201 Richmond Road, Lenox, to Theodore Meekma and Heather Dunhill, $725,000.

Jeffrey A. Gordon, trustee of the Ronnie Gordon 2013 Trust, sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit D10, Lenox, to James Messina Jr., $120,000.

Deanna M. Markham sold property at 500 Walker St., Lenox, to Benjamin T. Piemont and Lillian Kate Anderson, $399,000.

Lea Witkowski-Tal sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit F15, Lenox, to Denis Kudriashov and Paula K. Fields, $120,000.

James M. and Joann R. Cahillane sold property at 11 Golden Hill, Road, Lenox, to Tracy Boehme, $289,100.


Barbara H. Parker sold property at Main Road, Monterey, to Cynthia Makuc and John Makuc, $175,000.

North Adams

David Belanger sold property at 3 Palmer Ave., North Adams, to Bohuslav Petran and Anna Salmeron, $49,000.

Amanda M. Sheldon sold property at 36 Richview Ave., North Adams, to Amber D. Mitchell, $189,900.

U.S. Bank National Association as trustee sold property at 131 Woodlawn Ave., North Adams, to Abishour Equities LLC, $95,000.


Mark T. Mandell sold property at 857 West St., Pittsfield, to Erin M. Bristol, $135,000.

David B. Levine, personal rep. of the estate of Jonathan Marc Levine, sold property at 1 Colt Road, Unit 6, Pittsfield, to Evan Joseph Berkowitz, $143,000.

Richard D. Sands sold property at 28-30 Weller Ave., Pittsfield, to Jason Keller, $169,800.

Deborah Ortega sold property at 14-16 Edward Ave., Pittsfield, to Thomas J. Buckley II and Raya Buckley, $215,000.

Louis A. and Joy C. Costi sold property at 148-150 Mill St., Pittsfield, to 157 Seymour Street LLC, $125,000.

Leah B. Brown sold property at 21 Milan St., Pittsfield, to Jonah Connor Schichtl, $150,000.

John J. Keegan, trustee of the William J. Keegan 2011 RVT, sold property at 24 Marlboro Drive, Pittsfield, to Kody and Emily R. White, $169,900.

Eugene J. Scapin Jr., personal rep. of the estate of Lena N. Scapin; and Eugene J. Scapin Jr. and Susan A. Schultheis, trustees of the Trust under the Will of Eugene J. Scapin Sr., sold property at 42 Dutchess Ave., Pittsfield, to Leah B. Brown, $235,000.

Passardi Warehouse LLC sold property at 16 Lanckton Court, Pittsfield, to Pipers Realty Holdings LLC, $190,000.

Susan Charron, personal rep. of the estate of Floyd F. Passardi, sold property at 421 Fenn St. and 129 & 135 Francis Ave., Pittsfield, to Pipers Realty Holdings LLC, $310,000.

Anthony J. Cimini sold property at 122 Madison Ave., Pittsfield, to Dino M. Errichetto Sr. and Robyn R. Errichetto, $95,000.

Charles J. Bolster Jr. sold property at 120 Crofut St., Pittsfield, to Matthew J. McCusker, $840,000.

Edwin D. Metivier sold property at 172 Dalton Division Road, Pittsfield, to Alexander R. and William F. Boyer and Chloe A. Rychcik, $200,000.

James E. Stockley Jr., trustee of the James R. Stockley Jr. NT, sold property at 90-92 John St., Pittsfield, to James R. Stockley III, $140,000.

James E. Stockley Jr., trustee of the James R. Stockley Jr. NT, sold property at 37-39 West Union St., Pittsfield, to James R. Stockley III, $115,000.

Eugene and Janice Campbell sold property at 90-92 Lincoln St., Pittsfield, to Francisca V. Ynoa, $129,000.


Henry N. Frankowski sold property at 140 Lenox Branch Road, Richmond, to Kristopher and Sara Gosselin, $674,000.

Barbara Herzberg, trustee of Barbara Herzberg NT, sold property at 229 West Road, Richmond, to Daniel Ripp and Randy Lynn Shapiro, $1,214,300.


Gregg Wellenkamp sold property at 28 Beachwood Drive, Stockbridge, to Stephen G. and Marian J. Harvey, $845,000.

Ruth E. Maurillo sold property at 2 Mahkeenac Road, Stockbridge, to James C. Andrew III and Patricia A. Andrew, $35,000.

Tracy Ann Jagocki sold property at 24 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Daniel R. Lewis Sr. and Paula M. Lewis, $250,000.


Yathrib LTD sold property at 3 Coopertown Road, Tyringham, to Gregory C. Troiano, trustee of the Gregory C. Troiano 2021 Trust, $950,000.


Jesse and Kelly Sutherland sold property at Washington Mountain Road, Washington, to Michael W. Hollis and Brian J. Soliwoda, $49,000.

West Stockbridge

Henry N. Frankowski sold property at 140 Lenox Brank Road, West Stockbridge, to Kristopher Gosselin and Sara Gosselin, $674,000.


Gail M. Kapiloff sold property at 152 New Ashford Road, Williamstown, to Linwood R. Rhodes Jr., $141,666.66.

Dawn M. Randall sold property at 253 Sand Springs Road, Williamstown, to John L. and Dana E. Maddox, $174,200.

Peter F. Harrison, trustee of the Peter F. Harrison Trust, sold property at 93 Candlewood Drive, Williamstown, to Brian A. and Kimberly S. Florence and Luis and Keri Granda, $265,000.


Town of Windsor sold property at 0 Old Route 9, Windsor, to Jacob Trudeau, $10,000.

Town of Windsor sold property at 45 Access Road, No. 3, Windsor, to Jacob Trudeau, $1,000.

Joseph F. and Heather E. Collins sold property at 1523 North St., Windsor, to Michael and Caitlin Dubuque, $376,000.

Joshua Nathan Paradise and Maria Kogan sold property at 11 Windigo Road, Windsor, to Kelly Sparling and April Butler Albrecht, $485,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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