Francis A. Waterman Jr. and Patrick H. Klammer sold property at East Orchard Terrace, Adams, to Matthew J. and Terri Ann Cota, $32,000.

Alfred D. Chiulli III sold property at 31 Bellevue Ave., Adams, to Rebecca S. Koppet, $56,000.

Michelle L. Delisle sold property at 7 Albert St., Adams, to Joseph V. Astuccio II, $108,000.


Rimantas Sileikis sold property at 0 Boulder Road, Alford, to Alan Barth Anderson and Lisa Wooster Anderson, $25,000.

Laura J. DePalma and Mike Bindra sold property at 300 East Road, Alford, to Cloud Kingdom 2020 LLC, $1,650,000.


Jerry J. Demirgian sold property at George Carter Road, Becket, to Eric B. Danforth and Megan McClure, $28,000.

Denise J. Orr sold property at Dawn Drive, Becket, to Gary and Mary Voghel, $1,500.

Terence R. Flynn and Gwen S. Glasser sold property at Wade Inn Road, Becket, to Ramona Mansfield and Kenneth D. Boudreau, $60,000.

David N. Devane sold property at 313 Winter Drive, Becket, to Sarah Elizabeth and Caroline Christine Johnson, $280,000.

Lorraine M. Dean sold property at 1100 Main St., Becket, to Erik Roland Harel and Emily Harel, $194,000.

Dennis C. and Christine Regan sold property at 1110 Dimmock Road, Becket, to Andre and Cindy Khordoc, $615,000.

Norma J. Kudelka sold property at 1242 Main St. , Becket, to Ian V. Curtiss, $214,000.


Sling LLC sold property at Jenks Road, Cheshire, to Dennis H. Heath, $125,000.


William E. and Martha E. Thompson, trustees of the Thompson NT, sold property at 609 Main St., Dalton, to APIF-Massachusetts LLC, $450,000.

Carol-Ann Carmel sold property at 15 Sunset Drive, Dalton, to Alexandre Zanelatto, $225,000.

David S. and Joan M. Meloveck, trustees of the David S. Meloveck RVT and the Joan M. Meloveck RVT, sold property at 45 Apple Tree Lane, Dalton, to Linda L. Turman, $419,900.

Kaylee Boyne sold property at 54 Grange Hall Road, Dalton, to Paul R. Archambault and Marybeth Thornber, $299,000.


Dana Morgan, personal rep. of the estate of Barbara Ann Gopen a/k/a Barbara Gopen, sold property at 264 Egremont Plain Road, Egremont, to Iris Kopeloff and Michael Rahmin, $950,000.

Great Barrington

Ronald L. Hirsch and Kenneth J. LeVault sold property at Monument Valley Road, Great Barrington, to Berkshire Natural Resources Council Inc., $70,000.

Linda Ulmer and David Dudek sold property at 96 Brush Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Austin Badger and Jasper Sardonicus, $770,000.

Robert A. Mahoney sold property at 215 East St., Great Barrington, to Jeffrey L. Caminiti and Cynthia Bilder Caminiti, $226,500.

Abby Schroeder, trustee of AJS Revocable Trust, sold property at 31 Stoney Brook Road, Great Barrington, to Michael Steinberg, $475,000.

81 Division Street LLC sold property at 81 Division St., Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Jeremy Robin and Annie Valente, $729,000.

Everett Van Dorn sold property at 362 Park St., Great Barrington, to Robbin Ezinga and Phornphimon Ezinga, $250,000.

Abby Schroeder, trustee of AJS Revocable Trust, sold property at 33 Stoney Brook Road, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Michael Steinberg, $475,000.

Selma Lotenberg sold property at 8-10 Berkshire Circle, Great Barrington, to Navin V. Dargani, $365,000.

Gina Colelli, formerly known as Gina Altomare, sold property at 239 Long Pond Road, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Richard E. Stephens, $710,000.

Michael Gotthelf, Barbara Gotthelf and Joshua J. Feldman, trustee of Leyton Lake View Realty Trust, sold property at 10 Lake View Road, Great Barrington, to Reo Matsuzaki, $606,000.


Phyllis Kelly, trustee of Shamrock Realty Trust, sold property at Scott Road, Lanesborough, to Mount Greylock Campsite Park LLC, $65,000.


Brian P. and Rita M. Toombs sold property at 15 Lana Ave., Lee, to Ronnie and Jamie Streichler, $281,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association a/k/a Fannie Mae sold property at 30 Chestnut St. , Lee, to Matthew A. Banach, $89,900.

Alan B. and Lynn M. Bertelli sold property at 164 Mill St., Lee, to Jennifer Lechleitner, $270,000.

Lee Regional Visiting Nurse Association Inc. sold property at 32 Park St., Lee, to Alan B. and Lynn M. Bertelli, $125,000.


Mark W. Millett sold property at 63 New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Dennis and Paula Mlynarski, $635,000.

Lynn M. Toole, David A. Masiero, Andrea J. Bouvier, and Christine M. Bailey sold property at 18 Meadow Lane, Unit 8-2, Lenox, to Abhijit C. and Pranjail A. Sonis, $235,000.


Alexandra Christine Davis, Jessica Later and Lance Davis sold property at 134 Fairview Road, Monterey, to Trevor U. Hurst and Catherine Hurst, $625,000.

David J. Gunther sold property at Norwalk Acres Road, Monterey, to Brittany Ann Brouker, $20,000.

Elizabeth Howell King a/k/a Elisabeth Howell King sold property at 72 Beartown Mountain Road, Monterey, to Seth R. Pitman and Julia A. Thomas, $790,000.

New Marlborough

Richard A. Altman and Laura S. Altman sold property at 25 Berkshire Woods Road, Lot L-3, New Marlborough, to Thomas A.J. McGinn and Eileen N. McGinn, $475,000.

North Adams

John B. DeRosa and Robert G. Burdick, trustees of the John G. Brooks & Joyce C. Brooks 2006 Revocable Trust, sold property at 110 Charlene St., North Adams, to Amanda L. and Nathan M. Belanger, $209,500.

Colleen T. Taylor sold property at 18 Dover St., North Adams, to Colleen A. Venable, $194,700.

David R. Moresi sold property at 48 Arnold Place, North Adams, to Kelley L. Kemp, $100,000.

Leatrice Wiley sold property at 14 Chesbro Ave., North Adams, to George Rose, $149,900.

Edsel LLC sold property at 15 Hermon Ave., North Adams, to Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh, $83,600.

Emily K. Hakkinen sold property at 21-23 High St., Unit 3, North Adams, to Bethany Basal and Christopher Brissette, $155,000.

Sandra L. Morrissey sold property at 330 Eagle St., North Adams, to Donald D. Adler, $243,500.

Cady Street LLC sold property at 483 Walnut St., North Adams, to Living the Dream Homes LLC, $46,500.

Chris Bonnivier, trustee of the North Holden NT, sold property at 79 Cady St., North Adams, to Morgan Jasewicz, $135,000.


Charles D. and Samuel M. Hamad sold property at Haskell Road, Peru, to Katherine A. Malone-Smith and Clinton Smith, $41,000.


Jared S. Shannon and Meaghan R. Shannon, formerly known as Meagan R. Gelinas, sold property at 164-166 Brown St., Pittsfield, to Jose Jordao Dos Santos, $94,000.

Peter A. and Tracy L. Schettini sold property at 420 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Ryan and Sarah Sawyer, $80,000.

Woodmont Development Corp. sold property at Westbrook Terrace, Pittsfield, to Steven Perlow, $25,000.

Dominic J. Salvatore Jr. and Cara J. Cowlin sold property at 126 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Dominic J. Salvatore Jr., $5,000.

Kevin A. Wojtkowski and Audrianna A. Bouchard sold property at 228 Lebanon Ave., Pittsfield, to Daniel J. Boino Jr. and Janine M. Williams, $167,000.

David P. and Page A. Houser sold property at 1298 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Audrianna P. Bouchard and Kevin Wojtkowski, $327,000.

David P. Desjardins and Anastasia King-Desjardins sold property at 3 Kathy Way, Pittsfield, to David and Page Houser, $434,900.

Leona Serafino sold property at 27-29 Montgomery Ave., Pittsfield, to Kimberlee Olson and Oral Willis, $169,000.

Patrick F. Barry sold property at 65 Leroi Drive, Pittsfield, to Dmitri Christopher and Dariana Castro, $403,000.

Flipflopwws Inc. sold property at 63 Fairfield St., Pittsfield, to Tatiana Natacha Ndri, $185,000.

Shari L. Carr, individually and as personal rep. of the estate of Sandra Ley Dunsmore, sold property at 67 Bromback St., Pittsfield, to Kellie J. Hamling, $75,000.

Andrew Beckwith sold property at 61 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, to James Linkin, $361,500.

City of Pittsfield sold property at Cascade Street, Pittsfield, to Compass Ridge LLC, $74,900.

Jay A. McDermott sold property at 19-21 Pond St., Pittsfield, to McGowan Pomeroy Properties LLC, $107,500.

Jay A. and Jennifer G. McDermott sold property at 12 Spring St. and 14-16 Spring St., Pittsfield, to McGowan Pomeroy Properties LLC, $107,500.

City of Pittsfield sold property at 87 Fort Hill Ave., Pittsfield, to Diplacon Investment LLC, $141,240.


Barbara McGinn sold property at 159 Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield, to Mary Gonzalez, $238,000.


David M. Tully, trustee of David M. Tully 2008 Revocable Trust, and Edith D. Tully, trustee of Edith D. Tully 2008 Revocable Trust, sold property at 881 South Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to Craig Paloscio and Frances Paloscio, $605,000.


Arthur L. and Susan B. Buchman sold property at 14 Quiet Knoll Road, Stockbridge, to Andrew Tucker Avorn, $510,000.

West Stockbridge

Morgan Biastoff sold property at 9-11 High St., West Stockbridge, to Daniel M. Klein, $226,000.

Emma Rose Merritt sold property at 11 Stockbridge Road, West Stockbridge, to Noah Alan Riley and Allison Furniss Riley, $375,000.


Richard A. Stratton sold property at 172 Ide Road, Williamstown, to Benjamin R. and Lindsay A. Stratton, $850,000.

Ginny Granger sold property at 410 Petersburg Road, Williamstown, to Eric D. and Akeela A. Azcuy, $585,000.

Jonathan S. and Karen Y. Kusko sold property at 1269 Hancock Road, Williamstown, to Eric Shapiro, $850,000.

Lars J. and Calye M. Reinhard sold property at 66 Jerome Drive, Williamstown, to Colleen P. Taylor, $300,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

Community News Editor / Librarian

Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989.