Henry J. Kirchner and Norah K. Wood sold property at 23 Second St., Adams, to Garret C. and Katheryn Y. Wood, $170,000.

BecketMiguel David Galarraga sold property at Bancroft Road, Wade Inn Road and Lancroft Road, Becket, to Jason and Nicole Hoffman, $25,000.

Kristi L. LaMalfa, personal rep. of the estate of James M. Holian, sold property at 2307 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Leon and Janina Sapkowski, $370,000.

ClarksburgGary E. and Sheri L. Pierce sold property at Mountain View Drive, Clarksburg, to Jeffrey A. and Marylou Levanos, $36,500.

EgremontDonald J. Moore sold property at 72 Boice Road, Egremont, to Simon C. Cardwell and Fiona B. Cardwell, $479,000.

Great Barrington

Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 306, Residences at Powerhouse Square I Condominium, Great Barrington, to Arnie Warren Rubin, $372,500.

Nino S. Monteleone Jr.; Sandra L. Monteleone, formerly known as Sandra M. Olmsted; and Maryjane Rossbach a/k/a Mary Rossbach sold property at 269 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Wendy R. Pearson, $125,000.

42 Stockbridge Road LLC sold property at 42 Stockbridge Road, Route 7, Great Barrington, to Meier Mountain Properties LLC, $299,900.

Jeanne M. Bachetti sold property at Van Deusenville Road, Lot 1, Great Barrington, to Christian Wells, $105,500.

Jeanne M. Bachetti sold property at Van Deusenville Road, Great Barrington, to Richard B. Atwood and Heather J. Atwood, $5,000.

HancockMeredith Moore Ohmes, trustee of the Doc Maynard Ohmes Trust, sold property at 37 Corey Road, Unit 811, Hancock, to William M. and Suzanne E. Venezia, $327,000.

David W. and Jody S. Kelly sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Michelangelo Fragale, $73,000.

Jean T. Walker sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to James and Karyn White, $82,500.

Jean Torson Walker, trustee of the Robert Carleton Walker Trust, sold property at Corey Road, Hancock, to Michael and Kelly Bifano, $87,500.

HinsdaleDean J. Murray, personal rep. of the estate of Laurence M. Murray III, sold property at 280 New Windsor Road, Hinsdale, to Patrice S. Cassidy, Katharine Cassidy-DeVito and Mark Maloney, $476,500.

LanesboroughDavid E. and Daniel J. Stern, trustees of the Catherine G. Stern Revocable Trust, sold property at Silver Street and Old Ore Bed Road, Lanesborough, to Paul W. Swallow and Kathryn A. McGinn, $22,000.

LenoxRajat Jindia and Twinkle Chandak sold property at 2 Melville Court, Lenox, to Sharon A. Walker, $795,000.

Charles L. and Joy Ellen Flint, trustees of Charles L. Flint RVT and the Joy Ellen Flint RVT, sold property at 52 Housatonic St., Lenox, to E. William and Amy L. Parsley, $585,000.

Frank a/k/a Francis Newton and Mary Newton sold property at 17 Main St., Lenox, to Susan N. Gibbs, $601,000.

Omar Fiallos and Maria Palacios sold property at 21 Elm St., Lenox, to Courtney E. Sparks, $292,500.

MontereyMargaret E. Vorck and Christine D. Wright sold property at Rockwell Road, Lot 2, Monterey, to Eleanor Bounous Rochman, $3,000.

North AdamsGlenn A. and Mary A. Beverly sold property at 99 Gallup St., North Adams, to Connie J. and Edward E. Therrien Sr., $18,000.

George Johns and Jonas Adam McCaffery sold property at 17 North Church St., Unit 14, North Adams, to John M. Cellana and Erin Scott, $47,500.

David C. Atwell and Deanna Salvagni-Atwell sold property at 193 Church St., North Adams, to Michael Jackson, $52,500.

OtisSteven C. and Jennifer A. Tatro sold property at 1361 East Otis St., Otis, to Erika R. Mueller, trustee of the Erika R. Mueller Investment Trust, $329,900.

PeruThomas F. and Carol Lee O’Brien sold property at Stephanie Lane, Peru, to Joseph T. and Tracy A. Amodie, $18,000.

PittsfieldEugene L. Daley, personal rep. of the estate of Eugene I. Daley, sold property at 48 Montgomery Ave., Pittsfield, to Jose M. Santos, $123,720.

Gregory J. Babich sold property at 1654 North St., Pittsfield, to Wheeler’s Realty LLC, $524,000.

Courtney Cole Brobst, trustee of the James C. Murphy RVT, sold property at 100 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Matthew Squires and Joann M. Driscoll, $185,500.

Samuel J. Ardia sold property at 37 Albro St., Pittsfield, to Michael E. Hebert, $150,000.

Craig Crawford and Tracy Olsen Crawford, co-trustees of the Crawford Family RVT, sold property at 184 Blythewood Drive, Pittsfield, to Arshad and Ishrat Quadri, $415,000.

C&P Realty LLC sold property at 61 Richmond Ave., Pittsfield, to Jennifer Brewer, $157,000.

John Maliawco sold property at 143 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Eugene Mamut, $16,783.

Benjamin Snow sold property at 55 Stearns Ave., Pittsfield, to David E. Cornellier, $198,400.

Chester and Danuta Niedzwiecki and Ryan J. Niedzwiecki sold property at 44-46 Hull Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert and Nadine Lloyd, $114,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, trustee, sold property at 377 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Nathan Spangler, $147,250.

DNC Real Estate LLC sold property at 54 John St., Pittsfield, to Linda J. Hall, $125,000.

Cenlar FSB, Lori A. and Dale A. Cormier sold property at 147 Burbank St., Pittsfield, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $69,800.

Michael E. Hebert and Jennifer A. Brewer sold property at 9 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to Ronald Kenneth Richards, $262,000.

Sarah A. Uliasz, formerly known as Sarah A. Gattuso, sold property at 71 Reuter Ave., Pittsfield, to Angela M. Hunt, $153,500.

Kathleen A. Banga sold property at 20 Brooks Ave., Pittsfield, to Cade Matthew Zimmerman, $215,000.

Stephen A. Kotski Jr. sold property at 63 Plymouth St., Pittsfield, to April R. Gardner, $185,000.

Selene Finance LP sold property at 46 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Christian Scully and David Sisson, $1,750.

RichmondTown of Richmond sold property at 8 Willow Road, Richmond, to Shaun and Cindy Borden, $3,500.

Craig A. and Kim M. Gordnier sold property at 16 Anthony Road, Richmond, to Adam Phillips and Christina Lazaridi, $520,000.

Robert E. and Sharon L. Harrison sold property at State Road, Richmond, to Margaret K.F. Hayes, $79,900.

Town of Richmond sold property at 238 Swamp Road, Richmond, to TMR Realty LLC, $147,500.

Town of Richmond sold property at Grist Mill Road, Richmond, to Cheryl Bianco, trustee of Bianco Landscaping NT, $5,000.

Town of Richmond sold property at State Road, Richmond, to Lisa B. Quetti, trustee of the Lisa B. Quetti RVT, $1,000.

SheffieldSusan G. Fischer and Martin A. Fischer sold property at 50 East Road, Sheffield, to Josephine B. Potter, trustee of Josephine B. Potter Revocable Trust of 2019, $1,630,000.

StockbridgeRobin Baxendale Manning and Jennifer MacLeod Baxendale, personal reps. of the estate of Barbara M. Morgan, sold property at 11 Prospect Hill Road, Unit V-2, Stockbridge, to Richard S. Jackson Jr. and Linda W. Jackson, $475,000.

Diane C. Darrin sold property at 29 Mahkeenac Road, Stockbridge, to John M.S. Brown, $665,000.

WashingtonAndrea S. Wiley and Marcia A. Wiley sold property at 47 Washington Mountain Road, Washington, to Michael and Ruth Sangree, $150,000.

WilliamstownDaniel P. Aalberts and Erica Dankmeyer sold property at 290 Potter Road, Williamstown, to Mark Kelly, $415,000.

WindsorConcord Trust Company LLC, trustee of the Carl F. Piontkowski Family Trust, sold property at 429 & 444 East Windsor Road, 2051 Route 9 and East Windsor Road, Windsor, to Mark L. Piontkowski, $342,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.

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Jeannie Maschino is community news editor and librarian for The Berkshire Eagle. She has worked for the newspaper in various capacities since 1982 and joined the newsroom in 1989. She can be reached at